Independent label from 1972-75: Seven Sun Records was owned by Don Lawson of Calendar Music. Seven Sun's output seems to have been divided between Soul and Pop in roughly equal proportions, with the likes of Black Velvet and Sol Raye representing the former, and Jet, Frame and Linda Beckerman the latter. The Linda Beckerman single is actually a decent bit of Glam - she sounds as though she's Suzi Quatro's younger sister.  The label on the first three singles was yellow with seven suns across the top of it.  Their matrix numbers are part of a series used by Beacon Records suggesting a link with that company. Pressing of those records was by EMI, who pressed Beacon's output at that time. CBS was the distributor.  Beacon and Seven Sun appear to have been shelved for a while from the middle of 1972, and it was not until November of the following year that SSUN-4 made its appearance; when it did it bore a new-style orange and yellow label.  In 1974 Beacon was compulsorily wound up in the High Court, but Seven Sun continued on its own. President handled SSUN-4 and SSUN-5, distribution being via Enterprise, which was owned by President boss Ed Kassner. The large hollow 'A' of the demo label resembles that used on the CBS-handled Magnet, Epic and Warner Bros labels, except that the 'A's on the latter two labels were red rather than black.  After SSUN-13 there was another, shorter, break, eight months passing before the next single was issued.  The labels of the final three singles had a rather striking head-and-rays design. Pressing was by CBS and marketing by B&C.  Numbering from start to finish was in an SSUN-0 series, and there were fifteen releases in Britain plus a couple of overseas-only ones.  The number SSUN-9 seems not to have been issued, but a single was issued in Germany at around that time which might be the missing one: it was called 'Trucking Song', and it was by Skin (Seven Sun, DL-25642).  There was also a Canada-only Seven Sun single, 'Afeeka Is Calling You' by Abraka (SS-001; 1972).  SSUN-13, 'The Champ', was by '60s hitmaker P. J. Proby, but neither he nor any of the other artists managed to get Seven Sun into the Charts.  Seven Sun was eventually succeeded by the Calendar label. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Gordon Sarah & Bondage If I Linger A Little Longer SEVEN SUN SSUN 1
72 Browne Watson T Somebody'S Changing My Sweet Baby'S Mind SEVEN SUN SSUN 2
72 Black Velvet Children SEVEN SUN SSUN 3
73 Black Velvet Groove Along SEVEN SUN SSUN 4
73 Two Gether Hold It A Minute Suzie SEVEN SUN SSUN 5
74 Black Velvet There Goes My Heart Again SEVEN SUN SSUN 6
74 Raye Sol I'Ve Got You SEVEN SUN SSUN 7
74 Wells Huski CanīT Be Satisfied SEVEN SUN SSUN 8
74 Not Issued SEVEN SUN SSUN 9
74 Jet Johnny B Goode SEVEN SUN SSUN 10
74 Beckerman Linda Rock 'N' Roll Music SEVEN SUN SSUN 11
74 Frame Rocking Machine SEVEN SUN SSUN 12
74 Proby P J Champ SEVEN SUN SSUN 13
75 Beaton Norman Love Is Around SEVEN SUN SSUN 14
75 100% Proof Kisses Kisses Kisses SEVEN SUN SSUN 15
75 Black Velvet IīM On My Own SEVEN SUN SSUN 16

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