Independent label from 1979-80: Seque Records was based in London W5.  It issued three 7" EPs, kicking off with 'Turkeys In China' by Post-Punk band Fish Turned Human (PART-1; 3/79).  Next came Missing Presumed Dead's, 'Say It With Flowers' (PART-2; 1979), and Misspent Youth's, 'Seventeen Forever' (PART-III; 1979).  PART-4, an LP by Missing Presumed Dead, came out in 1980.. Distributed By Seque Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Fish Turned Human Turkeys In China [ Ep ] SEQUEL PART 1
79 Missing Presumed Dead Say It With Flowers SEQUEL PART 2
79 Mis-spent Youth Seventeen Forever SEQUEL PART 3
80 Missing Presumed Dead How's Your Bum For Cracking Walnuts? (Album) SEQUEL PART 4
81 Missing Presumed Dead Revenge (Album) SEQUEL PART 5

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