Independent Cornish label: Sentinel Records was owned and run by Job Morris.  It had a studio in the old school house in the village of Paul, and it specialised in recording local artists - Choirs, Brass or Silver Bands, and Folk singers such as Brenda Wootton.  It also issued a couple of LPs featuring a mixture of sound effects, songs and speech, which proved popular with Cornish expatriates.  Sentinel operated from at least 1970 to at least 1985, and possibly longer.  It managed around fifty albums, which were numbered in two different series, SENS-1000 and SENLPP-500, the latter being of Scottish material, and it also issued cassette tapes.  It output of EPs and singles was less prolific. Seven-inch issues used two different prefixes, SENM and SEMS; the numbering which followed the prefix also varied.  Sentinel also made custom recordings; these were numbered in the SENP-000s, and had a somewhat different label layout - the EP by Cedar shown is an example.  As can be seen, the colour schemes of the labels varied: in addition to the two shown mid-blue-on-white and black-on-orange examples can be found.  A company called Brio Music took over Sentinel after the death of Mr. Morris; many of its albums have been reissued on CD and are still (2008) available from the Brio Music website. Distributed By Sentinel Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Axminster School Folk Group Axminster School Folk Group SENTINEL SENP EP 001
71 Tell Mann Sings EP SENTINEL SENP 002
72 Penryn Infant School Penryn Infant School EP SENTINEL SENP 003
73 The Cornish All-Stars Live' At The 'Golden West'. Penzance SENTINEL SENP 004
74 Cedar Orange Blossom Special/Ring Of Fire SENTINEL SENP 005
75 The Bude Town Band The H.I.P.P.O.potamus Song / A Peaside Psalm SENTINEL SENP 006
75 Not Traced SENTINEL SENP 007
75 Not Traced SENTINEL SENP 008
76 Blue Souvenir Edition EP SENTINEL SEMS 009
77 The Bill Matthews New Sound Bye Bye Fraulein SENTINEL SENP 210
75 Rod Mason's Jass Band Follow That Black Sedan SENTINEL SENM 2001
75 The Camborne Town Band The Entertainer/St Louis Blues March SENTINEL SENM 2002
77 The Bill Matthews New Sound Bye Bye Fraulein SENTINEL SENP 210
84 Alan Opie/Kathryn Allen In The Bleak Midwinter/Just Another Star SENTINEL SENM 1080
89 The Cornwall Rugby Squad  Trelawny's Army/Trelawny SENTINEL SEN.RC 001

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