Independent label: Sensible Records was from the Punk / New Wave days. Sensible was based in Edinburgh and was run by Lenny Love.  It released just two singles, the first of which was by the Rezillos, who apparently never took themselves seriously enough to be proper punks.  'I Can't Stand My Baby' (FAB-1; 8/77) The first pressing of 15,000 have green picture sleeves (the first 5000 of which are numbered). A second pressing appeared on the 24th of July, 1979. These have red sleeves with alternate artwork, writing credits and labels. 4000 of this reissue are mispressed and have (My Baby Does) Good Sculptures where I Wanna Be Your Man should be. 'I Can't Stand My Baby earned the band a contract with Sire Records in 1978; a re-pressing of it with a different label design crept into the Top 75 in 1979, on the back of the success of their two subsequent hits for that company.  The second Sensible release was 'Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere' (FAB-3; 7/78) by Punk group Neon.  Flying Saucer Attack Sire Records 6078 612 had a Matrix / Runout (Side A, Etched): MELY'S FAB 2 AA2.  Distribution was by Scotia. The Rezillos are a punk/new wave band Formed in Edinburgh, in March 1976 by Alan Forbes (later Eugene Reynolds) with him taking responsibility for drums and vocals, Dave Smythe (later Dr. D.K. Smythe) playing the bass, Jo Callis (later Luke Warm) on lead guitar and vocals, and Mark Harris (later 'Hi-Fi' Harris) on rhythm guitar and vocals. They rehearsed for months before adopting their image and aliases as well as several other members, so that by August 1976 they were an eight-piece with the line-up now including Fay Fife (Sheilagh Hynde) and Gail Warning (Gail Jamieson) on backing vocals, Angel Paterson (Alistair Patterson) on drums, and William Mysterious (Alastair Donaldson) on saxophone. After several more months of rehearsals, they eventually performed their first gig on Friday, 5th November 1976 at Teviot Row Student Union, in Edinburgh. Although emerging at the same time as other bands in the punk rock movement, the Rezillos did not share the nihilism or social commentary of their contemporaries, but instead took a more light-hearted approach to their songs, preferring to describe themselves at the time as "a New Wave beat group". Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Rezillos Can't Stand My Baby SENSIBLE FAB 1
77 Rezillos Flying Saucer Attack  SIRE 6078 612
78 Neon Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere SENSIBLE FAB 3

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