Independent Reggae label: Sensation Sounds Records issued around twenty singles during the period 1977-78, some of which were 12" only.  Numbering was in an 000 series; 7" singles has a SS prefix, 12" singles an SSD one.  Most were Rupie Edwards productions; he was the owner of the label.  Distributed By Sensation Sounds Records. Sensation Sounds Former address: Sensation Sounds Ltd. 31 Glenarm Road, London E5. Rupie Edwards (born Rupert Lloyd Edwards, 4 July 1945) is a Jamaican reggae singer and record producer. Rupie Edwards was born in Saint Ann Parish, an only child. The family moved to Kingston in 1958, where he set up his first band while still at school. His record "Guilty Convict" and "Just Because" released by Blue Beat Records in 1962. After recording a few singles, he became involved with the Virtues and, from 1968, started to focus only on his own productions. In 1974 and 1975, he scored hits in the UK Singles Chart with "Ire Feelings" and "Leggo Skanga". fter these successes, Edwards moved to London, and since then has kept on producing and recording. He co-wrote "Big 7" with Judge Dread. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Davies Tyrone  West One  SENSATION SOUNDS  SS 001
77 Edwards Rupie & Pupie Edwards  My Little Red Top (12") SENSATION SOUNDS  SSD 002
77 Dobson Dobby  Endlessly (12" SENSATION SOUNDS  SSD 003
77 Edwards Rupie & Allstars My Little Red Top SENSATION SOUNDS  SS 004
77 Rupie Edwards All Stars That Wonderful Sound (Instrumental) SENSATION SOUNDS  SS 005
78 Dobson Dobby  That Wonderful Sound  SENSATION SOUNDS  SS 006
78 Social Eagles Rupie Edwards Allstars  One Sunday Morning (12") SENSATION SOUNDS  SSD 007
78 Hugh Roy Henry  When The Red Sun Rise (12") SENSATION SOUNDS  SSD 008
78 Dunkley Errol & Bongo Herman  Darling Ooh ... Your Love Is Amazing (12") SENSATION SOUNDS  SSD 009
78 Rupie Edwards, Rupie Edwards All Stars Ire Feelings (Skanga) / I Sey Go Dey (12") SENSATION SOUNDS  SSD 010
78 Calypso King Success All Stars  Put It Een (12") SENSATION SOUNDS  SSD 011
78 Rupie Edwards Do You Love Me / Give Me Love And Affection SENSATION SOUNDS  SS 012
78 White Joe  Baby I Care  SENSATION SOUNDS  SS 013
78 White Joe  Tell Me  SENSATION SOUNDS  SS 014
78 Edwards Rupie & Virtues  Burning Love  SENSATION SOUNDS  SS 015
78 The Ethiopians Hail Rasta (12") SENSATION SOUNDS  SSD 016
78 Dobby Dobson Cry A Little Cry / Baby Make It Soon (12") SENSATION SOUNDS  SSD 017
78 Rupie Edwards Dance With Me / Falling In Love (12") SENSATION SOUNDS  SSD 018
78 Keeling Beckford Combination (12") SENSATION SOUNDS  SSD 019

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