A small independent label.  Seismic appears to have released just one record, but everybody concerned with it went on to bigger things in the music business.  The record in question was Janice Hoyte's single 'This Is It' b/w 'Amoureuse', which had a catalogue number of SRTS/CUS-77076 and was made in 1977 through custom recording firm SRT.  Both tracks were taken from a 1977 album, 'I'm A Do Right Girl' (SRTZ-77384), but that came out on the SRT label.  Hoyte had worked at Marks & Spencer, and the Social Society of that company had been behind the release of her first LP, 'I'm A Winner', in 1974.  She had a single out on United Artists in 1979, a Disco version of the old standard 'When I Fall In Love' (BP-312; 9/79), and went on to work with some big names, including Pete Townshend (backing vocals on his album 'The Iron Man') and Bill Wyman (singing with his Rhythm Kings).  Among many other engagements Peter Moss has been closely associated with the Rocky Horror Picture Show and often worked with Vivian Stanshall; while Nic Rowley has produced dozens of albums as well as playing, arranging and composing for artists as diverse as Kevin Ayers and Vera Lynn.  'This Is It' was pressed by Orlake, and is a professional-sounding slice of soulful Pop. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Janice Hoyte This Is It SEISMIC SRTS/CUS 77076

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