Secret Records was an independent label founded by Martin Hooker, who was previously with EMI.  Secret released its first record, 'The Reebaneeba' b/w 'Welcome To The Show' by Bogart in November 1978, with a catalogue number of SHH-1.  The tag line on the single's sleeve, 'This could be the start of something average', proved prophetic, and 1979 passed without any more Secrets coming out.  Presumably some sort of a rethink took place, as the label re-emerged in 1980, to much greater effect.  The label design remained basically the same, but the colour varied; catalogue numbers were now in the SHH-100s.  After a cautious start Secret began to concentrate on hardcore Punk by the likes of The Exploited, Chron Gen, and the 4 Skins, though its scope eventually broadened.  Hooker formed the phenomenally successful Rock / Metal label Music For Nations in 1983; both labels are still going today. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Bogart The Reebaneeba SECRET SHH 1

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