Sea Horse Records was a small independent label, headed by Teddy Ruster with Allan Austin as a director.  Sea Horse operated out of premises at 2 Lambolle Place, NW3. The company was looking for acts, and that it intended to limit its roster to two bands at most.  Ruster is reported as saying that Sea Horse had its sights set on an international market, not just the home one, but the results seem to have been less than spectacular.  In the event two singles appeared, but for some reason there was a gap of several years between them.  'I'll Get Stoned' b/w 'I'll Never Give It Up' by Shades came out in October 1979, via Pinnacle, with a catalogue number of SH-1; but 12-SH-2, a 12" single by Bohard featuring several mixes of 'Maybe Tomorrow', didn't see the light of day until 1987.  The label was quite an attractive one: the top third was white, with the track and artist details on it; it merged into the bottom two-thirds, which were mid-blue with a sea horse logo and the label name in orange.  Sadly there don't seem to be many Sea Horse records about, so I'm unable to provide a scan at the moment. Distributed By Pinnacle Records.

79 Shades I'll Get Stoned SEA HORSE SH 1

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