Sea Cruise Records was a DIY label from 1974. It's only release was a three-tracker featuring 'Say Mama', 'Hearts Of Stone' and 'Two Hearts In Lipstick' by Bradford-based Rock 'n' Roll band The Dave Lee Sound (SCDL-100).  The band made several self-financed albums, and pianist Dave Lee earned for himself a name as 'The British Jerry Lee Lewis'. Distributed By Sea Cruise Records. Dave Lee was born David Harper on March 1, 1940. He taught himself piano while in his teens and was strongly influenced by the emerging American rock'n'roll music of the time, particularly that of Jerry Lee Lewis. Throughout the sixties his trio the Dave Lee Sound worked the pubs and clubs around his hometown of Bradford, played several summer seasons at Butlin's holiday camps and appeared on Yorkshire TV. In 1970 they were runners-up on Hughie Green's national talent show Opportunity Knocks. In 1993 he was picked for the role of Lewis in the musical show Lipstick on Your Collar, before moving to Benidorm where he performed solo at a number of clubs in the resort. Suffering from emphysema, Dave passed away on January 22 in Bradford Royal Infirmary.  Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Rock 'n' Roll band The Dave Lee Sound Say Mama SEA CRUISE SCDL 100

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