Independent American label out of California: Scotti Brothers Records were Tony and Ben, and their label was one of many which always meant more in their native country than over here.  That said, Leif Garrett took it into the Singles Chart twice in the decade with which this site is concerned, and Survivor repeated that feat in the '80s.  As well as making records, Scotti Brothers had interests in films and televison.  The company kept going until 1997, when its catalogue was sold to Zomba Records.  In Britain the label first appeared in 1979, with distribution by WEA; Scotti Brothers singles shared a K-10000 numerical series with those of Atlantic.  In the '80s CBS took over from WEA, from which point the numbering changed to interlock with that of the other CBS labels. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Garrett Leif I Was Made For Dancin' SCOTTI BROTHERS K 11202
79 Iron Horse Sweet Lui-Louise SCOTTI BROTHERS K 11271
79 Garrett Leif Feel The Need SCOTTI BROTHERS K 11274
79 Garrett Leif New Your City Nights SCOTTI BROTHERS K 11316
79 Addrisi Brothers Ghost Dancer SCOTTI BROTHERS K 11361
79 Cugini Don Let Me Sleep Alone SCOTTI BROTHERS K 11379
79 Lloyd Ian Love Stealer SCOTTI BROTHERS K 11410
80 Garrett Leif When I Think For You SCOTTI BROTHERS K 11438
80 Garrett Leif Same Goes For You SCOTTI BROTHERS K 11449
80 Survivor Somewhere In America SCOTTI BROTHERS K 11453
80 Iron Horse What'S Your Hurry SCOTTI BROTHERS K 11497
80 Cunningham J C Pyramid Song SCOTTI BROTHERS K 11559
80 Stallone Frank Case Of You SCOTTI BROTHERS K 11613
80 Hurt John I Love Women SCOTTI BROTHERS K 11629
80 Addrisi Brothers As Long As The Music SCOTTI BROTHERS K 11632
80 Lloyd Ian Do You Wanna Touch Me SCOTTI BROTHERS K 11638
80 Garrett Leif You Had To Go SCOTTI BROTHERS K 11639
80 Knoblock Fred & Susan Killin' Time SCOTTI BROTHERS K 11646

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