Independent label: Scope Records was An offshoot of Lighning Records. Scope started out as a label for in-demand Disco and Reggae records, but towards the end of its life it put out a couple of Pop / New-Wave-type singles.  It was distributed by major record corporation WEA, who were also responsible for manufacture.  With WEA's muscle behind it Scope got two of its first six singles - Janet Kay's 'Silly Games' (SC-2; 1979) and Errol Dunkley's 'O. K. Fred' (SC-6; 1979) - into the Top 20.  There were other, lesser, successes, but despite them Scope seems to have vanished in 1980.   It appears to have issued just thirteen singles, in an SC-0 series, often with 12" versions as well as 7".  The number SC-13 seems not to have been used. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Erotic Drum Band Love Disco Style SCOPE  SC 1
79 Kay Janet Silly Games SCOPE SC 2
79 Cool Notes My Tune SCOPE SC 3
79 Benelux & Nancy Dee Switch SCOPE  SC 4
79 Seventh Extension Reasons SCOPE  SC 5
79 Dunkley Erroll Ok Fred SCOPE  SC 6
79 Erotic Drum Band Plug Me To Death SCOPE  SC 7
79 Benelux & Nancy Dee Do It SCOPE SC 8
79 C C Mann My Shooting Star SCOPE  SC 9
79 Storm It'S My House SCOPE SC 10
80 Dunkley Erroll Sit Down And Cry SCOPE  SC 11
80 Jayni & Limit It'S My Party SCOPE SC 12
80 Not Issued SCOPE SC 13
80 Small Change Amongst The Roses SCOPE SC 14

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