Independent Irish label: Scoff Records was Founded in 1978 by Deke O'Brien (ex Nightbus, Stepaside) and Stepaside manager/publisher Johnny Lappin who later started Sidestep records. The label focused on Dublin rock groups including The Atrix, Mama's Boys and the Rhythm Kings among others. They finally went out of business in the mid 1980's.  The later (circa 1986) singles were pressed in very small quantites, possibly as few as 500 copies. Singles had the prefix DT. Albums DTLP. Distributed By Trax On Wax Records. 

79 Square Meal   Love Attack  SCOFF DT 1
80 Deke O'Brien & Sneeker Wasted  SCOFF DT 2
80 Square Meal   Someone's Out To Git Ya  SCOFF DT 3
80 Male Caucasians For The Night   SCOFF DT 4
80 Various Artists Scoff At The Sportsman's  SCOFF DT 005
80 Various Artists Vinyl Verdict (Album) SCOFF DTLP 006
80 Deke N' Paul & The Sharks Sorrow  SCOFF DT 007
80 Rhythm Kings  Going Steady  SCOFF DT 008
81 Rondo Rondo Missing Persons  SCOFF DT 009
81 The Sharks  Long Hot Summer Night   SCOFF DT 010
81 The Atrix Procession   SCOFF DT 011
81 The Atrix Procession (Album) SCOFF DTLP 012
81 Rhythm Kings  John Wayne  SCOFF DT 013
82 Rhythm Kings  Hey Hey Holly  SCOFF DT 014
82 Mama's Boys Belfast City Blues  SCOFF DT 015
82 The Atrix Triad  SCOFF DT 016
82 Rhythm Kings  Baby Dont You Worry 'Bout A Thing  SCOFF DT 017
82 The Fashions  All I Own In Dublin (Are The Bars)  SCOFF DT 018
82 The Outfit  El Salvador  SCOFF DT 019
82 Paul Roland Dr Strange  SCOFF DT 020
82 Rhythm Kings  How Come I Was The Last To Know  SCOFF DT 021
82 Rhythm Kings  Setting Fire To My Heart (Album)  SCOFF DTLP 022
82 Rhythm Kings  Ain't No Saint  SCOFF DT 023
83 The Outfit  Toytown  SCOFF DT 024
83 Stano Content To Write In I Dine Weathercraft  (Album) SCOFF DTLP 025
83 Stano Iwanseenowall (White Fields) / Out Of The Dark Into The Dawn SCOFF DT 026
83 The Resistors That's It  SCOFF DT 027
83 Alsatians I'll Never Forget You / Suicide  SCOFF DT 028
84 The Media Hey Desdemona / New World/Streets  SCOFF DT 029
84 Various Artists Stock 'N Trade (Album) SCOFF DTLP 030
84 Infant Souls Your World Or Mine  SCOFF DT 031
84 Not Issued   SCOFF DT 032
84 Winter's Reign Save It   SCOFF DT 033
84 Rob Strong That's It / I Won't Open My Eyes SCOFF DT 034
84 Winter's Reign Karen  SCOFF DT 035
84 The Secret Life Can You Feel It / Paradise   SCOFF DT 036
86 Rob Strong So Much Emotion / Right Back To You SCOFF DT 037
86 The Atrix Very Much In Love   SCOFF DT 038
86 The Atrix Your Halo is Burning / The Going Away Party SCOFF DT 039
86 Inner City A Wasted Life  SCOFF DT 040
86 Ton Ton Macoute Delirious   SCOFF DT 041
86 Rob Strong Forbidden Love  SCOFF DT 042
86 Stalin Staccato Civilised Guy  SCOFF DT 043

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