Scene Records was a DIY label. And was owned by Record Scene, a chain of independent record shops which until the early 1980s operated in Staines, Sunbury, Feltham and Ashford.  As well as being a haven for Punk and New Wave collectors, Record Scene also housed the worldwide headquarters of the Cliff Richard & The Shadows fan club.  It issued just the one record on the Scene label, a single called 'All I Hear', by The Dials (ACT-1; 8/79) Recorded at Rock City Studios, Shepperton, Surrey, which was produced by Nicky Tesco and Jean-Marie Carroll, of The Members.  Distribution was by Rough Trade.  The Dials later changed their name, to Thirteen At Midnight, and musical direction, becoming an Electronic Disco Band. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Dials All I Hear SCENE ACT 1

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