Independent Reggae label: Scarlet Records was owned by Locksley Mellow.  The few of its singles that I have seen have been by him; catalogue numbers, which were in the L-100s, suggest that there should be at least eight of them, 'In The Park' (L-102); 'I Was Wrong' (106); 'Start All Over Again' (L-108; 1977), and 'Come And Dine With Me' (L-109) - the latter seems to have been 12" only.  As can be seen, the design of the label varied. Distributed By Scarlet Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Not Traced SCARLET L 101
75 Locksley Mellow In The Park SCARLET L 102
75 Not Traced SCARLET L 103
75 Not Traced SCARLET L 104
75 Not Traced SCARLET L 105
76 Locksley Mellow I Was Wrong SCARLET L 106
76 Not Traced SCARLET L 107
77 Locksley Mellow Start All Over Again SCARLET L 108
77 Locksley Mellow Come And Dine With Me (12") SCARLET L 109
77 Locksley Mellow Ice Water / Remember Me Darling (12") SCARLET L 110

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