Independent label: Sawmills Records was a label of Sawmills Studios, of Golant, Cornwall, it was set up in 1974.  One of Britain's first residential studios, it has played host to many big names over the years - XTC, Verve, the Stone Roses, etc - and is still flourishing today.  In a diversion from its main line of business it issued several singles through Sonet Records.  Initially, in 1976, the company's name appeared as a logo on the Sonet label, but in 1978-79 four singles appeared on an actual Sawmills label, all of which featured Obie Clayton and / or the Golant Pistons.  None of them sold in any quantity.  Sawmills singles shared a SON-2000 numerical series with those of Sonet, the company responsible for marketing them.  Manufacture and Distribution were by Pye. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Golant Pistons I Can See Where I'm Going SAWMILLS SON 2165
78 Obie Clayton  Fool To Fall SAWMILLS SON 2166
79 Golant Pistons Friday On My Mind SAWMILLS SON 2184
79 Obie Clayton  Walking On The Water SAWMILLS SON 2185
76 The Clappers Limbo Rock SAWMILLS SON 2086

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