Independent Reggae label: Saturn Records was a subsidiary of Third World; it put out at least seventeen singles between 1975 and 1977.  All the Saturn singles was produced and / or composed by Les Cliff, who owned the label.  Two label designs were used; the second came in a variety of colours including yellow and white.  Numbering was in an SR-1000 series, though occasionally one of the zeros was omitted. Distributed By Third World Records. Saturn Records Former address Third World Recording Co. Ltd.: 113A Stoke Newington Road, London N16. and 261 High Road Park, Tottenham, London N15 4 RR. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Not Traced SATURN SR 1001
76 Not Traced SATURN SR 1002
76 G Errol  You Are The One I Love SATURN SR 1003
76 Rose Samantha  My Only Change SATURN SR 1004
76 Rose Samantha  Could This Be True  SATURN SR 1005
76 Cliff Las  Gonna Tell Everybody SATURN SR 1006
76 Mahoney Johnnie  Natty Dread Rhythm SATURN SR 1007
76 Rose Samantha  How I Need You SATURN SR 108
76 Hinds Neville  Is It Too Late  SATURN SR 109
77 Alcapone Dennis  Heavier Discipline  SATURN SR 1010
77 Roots People  Tribulation 77  SATURN SR 1011
77 Gayle Aston  Jah Will Help Us SATURN SR 1012
77 Samantha Rose Undying Love SATURN SR 1013
77 Hinds Neville  Love Revolution  SATURN SR 1014
77 Not Traced SATURN SR 1015
77 Not Traced SATURN SR 1016
77 Cliff Las  Dream Lover SATURN SR 1017

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