Independent label: Satril Records was the label of the Henry Hadaway Organisation.  It started life as a management agency in 1969, and issued its first batch of records in 1972-73.  Eleven were released, in a SAT-0 numerical series.  An early duck-egg blue label was replaced by a yellow one, with red printing, in the same design, when SAT-9 came out.  There appears to have been a lull after this; but in June 1974 HHO signed a five-year licensing deal with Pye.  The agreement stated that for the first year Hadaway's records would come out on Pye but that the Satril label would then be reintroduced if required.  Satril did indeed make a comeback, with a new label design and a new numbering systen (SAT-100).  When the licensing deal expired, towards the end of 1977, Satril switched to WEA for distribution.  The catalogue numbering was unchanged and the label design remained fundamentally the same; the Pye logo at the bottom disappeared and the Warner Communications one appeared at around the two o'clock mark, and a company sleeve came into use.  In general the fare on offer seems to have been a mixture of Pop and Disco music.  The company scored an occasional hit: The Sandpipers' version of 'Hang On Sloopy' (SAT-114) got into the Top 40 in 1976, and Stardust's 'Ariana' (SAT-120) nearly managed to repeat the feat a year later.  Things slowed down in the '80s, and Satril seems to have effectively disappeared in or around 1983.  See also the first Rainbow label, which was another HHO company. Satril Records Former Address: Satril House 444 Finchley Road London NW2 2HY. And  3 Blackburn Road West Hampstead London  NW6. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Bollard I Need Your Love SATRIL SAT 1
72 Dog Rose Paradise Row SATRIL SAT 2
72 Lukas Jon This Time SATRIL SAT 3
72 Anthony Jim Sasaha SATRIL SAT 4
72 Sweet Reaction Come Back My Dream SATRIL SAT 5
73 Dog Rose  All For The Love Of City Lights SATRIL SAT 6
73 Hobbit Only Friends SATRIL SAT 7
73 Rastafari Fuinky City SATRIL SAT 8
73 Rockin' Berries Day By Day SATRIL SAT 9
73 Clifford Susan Drink Wine Susan SATRIL SAT 10
73 Morris Richie Zimbabwe SATRIL SAT 11
75 Seger Bob Katmandu SATRIL SAT 101
75 Webster Terry I Want To See You Dancing SATRIL SAT 102
75 Lane Penny Dreamer SATRIL SAT 103
76 White Soles Beside You SATRIL SAT 104
76 Webster Terry Angela SATRIL SAT 105
76 Christian Neil She'S Got The Power SATRIL SAT 106
76 Rockin' Berries I Didn'T Know SATRIL SAT 107
76 Yates Tom To Be In A Movie With You SATRIL SAT 108
76 Penny Lane You'D Better Sit Down Kids SATRIL SAT 109
76 Ford Mick I'M Walking Behind You SATRIL SAT 110
76 Sandpipers For The Last Time SATRIL SAT 111
76 Evens Tony Connection Let'S Go To The Disco SATRIL SAT 112
76 Major Tom Spaceman Boy SATRIL SAT 113
76 Sandpipers Hang On Sloopy SATRIL SAT 114
76 Incognito Happy Days SATRIL SAT 115
76 Kookies I Believe In Us SATRIL SAT 116
77 Stardust Got To See Mississippi SATRIL SAT 117
77 Sandpipers Life Is A Son Worth Singing SATRIL SAT 118
77 Sandpipers Broken Summer SATRIL SAT 119
77 Stardust Ariana SATRIL SAT 120
77 Blake Sonny Curiosity SATRIL SAT 121
77 Stardust I Really Love To Stop SATRIL SAT 122
78 New Marketts Mash Theme SATRIL SAT 123
78 Lane Penny California Cool SATRIL SAT 124
78 Gossez Pierre Fire SATRIL SAT 125
78 Cadillac Vince Memory Lane SATRIL SAT 126
78 Sandpipers It Should Have Lasted Forever SATRIL SAT 127
78 Godiego If You Are Passing By That Way SATRIL SAT 128
78 Killers Killer SATRIL SAT 129
78 Stardust Rider SATRIL SAT 130
78 Read Mike Are You Ready SATRIL SAT 131
78 J K D Band Dragon Power SATRIL SAT 132
78 Neon Hearts Is This The Answer SATRIL SAT 133
78 Speed Limit Wino SATRIL SAT 134
78 Cadillac Vince Voodoo Woman SATRIL SAT 135
78 Master Plan Love Crazy SATRIL SAT 136
78 Morris Micky Reggae Christmas SATRIL SAT 137
79 Chegwin Keith Feel The Rush SATRIL SAT 138
79 Neon Hearts Popular Music SATRIL SAT 139
79 Cadillac Vince She'S A Model SATRIL SAT 140
79 Lynch Kenny Put Your Faith In Love SATRIL SAT 141
79 J K D Band Dream Machine SATRIL SAT 142
79 Mr President La La Akimbo SATRIL SAT 143
79 Dance People Dance People SATRIL SAT 144
79 Redway Mike I Don'T Want You Back SATRIL SAT 145
79 J K D Band Let You Body Do The Talking SATRIL SAT 146
79 Dance People Let'S Fly Away SATRIL SAT 147
79 Lbs Lbs SATRIL SAT 148
80 New Marketts Theme From Mash SATRIL HH 149
80 J K D Band Dragon Power SATRIL HH 150
80 Inger Lise Everything That'S Part Of You SATRIL HH 151
80 Dance People Dance The Night Away SATRIL HH 152
80 Savalas Telly Some Broken Harts Never Mend SATRIL HH 153
81 Spooky Friends SATRIL HH 154
81 Teresa Del Fuego Don'T Hang Up SATRIL HH 155
82 Dunn & Bruce Street Shout For Joy SATRIL SAT 500
82 Amuzement Park Groove Your Blues Away SATRIL 7SAT 501
82 Ashes & Stars Going Home SATRIL 7SAT 502
82 Dunn & Bruce Street If You Come With Me SATRIL SAT 503
82 Ashes & Stars Beat Goes On SATRIL SAT 504
83 Fresh Face Huero Dancing SATRIL SAT 505
83 Moore Jackie Holding Back SATRIL 7SAT 506
83 Eleanor Grant Name Your Game / Sexual Healing (12") SATRIL 12SAT 507
83 Lynch Kenny They Don'T Know You SATRIL SAT 508
83 Rich Mix I'Ve Got The Love SATRIL SAT 509
83 Lynch Kenny Half A Day'S Gone And We Haven'T  SATRIL 7SAT 510
83 Lynch Kenny Shotgun SATRIL SAT 511
85 Not Issued SATRIL SAT 512
85 Not Issued SATRIL SAT 513
85 Not Issued SATRIL SAT 514
85 Not Issued SATRIL SAT 515
85 Not Issued SATRIL SAT 516
85 Not Issued SATRIL SAT 517
85 Not Issued SATRIL SAT 518
85 Not Issued SATRIL SAT 519
85 Flip I'Ll Be There SATRIL SAT 520
85 Watson John L Don'T Blame It On Love SATRIL SAT 521
85 France Give Him A Great Big Kiss SATRIL SAT 522



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