Sarnia Records was Either a small independent label, or a custom recording concern.  Sarnia appears to have had two different bases: one at 88, Brooklands Road, Sale, Cheshire; another at Retour du Tertre, Rue De Tertre, St. Andrews, Guernsey.   Alan Martin produced several of the records; if the 'AM' part of the 'AMX' prefix is derived from his initials, which seems probable, that would suggest that Sarnia was his company.  AMX-5007, 'Cupid's Arrow' b/w 'Something Keeps Calling Me Back' by Roy Mosley, which was another Alan Martin production, but the identities of AMX-5001 to 5004 and from 5009 upwards remain a mystery at the moment.  If they exist at all, were they on Sarnia or on some other label?  There appears to have been an EHX-7000 series too, though again I have only managed to track down two issues, 7005 and 7006.  Engineer for both EHXes was Edward Huntley, whose initials presumably provided the first part of the prefix.  Those two records featured Guernsey-based artists, and happily both have been dated, enabling us to place Sarnia firmly in the '70s.  Of the other Sarnia records that I have seen listed, 'I'm Following Sheffield United', by Alan Martin himself, had a catalogue number of SAM-1712, which merely serves to complicate matters further; while as yet I haven't managed to pin down a number for the souvenir EP from Eckington Hall, Mosborough, 'A Night Of Jolly Merriment'.  The only records on Sarnia that I have actually seen in the vinyl have been British Homophone pressings; as can be seen, the label went through a variety of designs. Distributed By Sarnia Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70s Various Artists A Night Of Jolly Merriment Part 1 SARNIA No Cat Number
72 Eamonn McGirr Birmingham Sunday ROSINA AMX 5005
73 Johnny Dallas My Way SARNIA AMX 5006
74 Roy Mosley  Something Keeps Calling Me Back / Cupids Arrow SARNIA AMX 5007
75 The Carl Blackwell Sound At Long Last (ep) SARNIA AMX 5008
75 Not Traced SARNIA AMX 5009
75 No Artist Listed A Night Of Jolly Merriment Part 1 SARNIA AMX 5010
72 Colin Stevens, Sounds Around An Evening With Colin Stevens (EP) SARNIA EHX 7005
75 Noel De Carteret Guernsey My Home SARNIA EHX 7006
70s Alan Martin (Interrupted By Bobby Knutt)  I'm Following Sheffield United SARNIA SAM  1712

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