Independent Reggae label: Santic Records was owned by by Leonard "Santic" Chin. and based in Jamaica.  Santic issued a number of 7" singles in Britain 1977 to 1978, using one basic label design in several different colour schemes.  Numbering was in a SAN-000 series and distribution was by Ital and Dub Vendor.  The label continued on into the early 80s, but was only used for 12" singles. Leonard Chin (born Leonard Anthony Chin, 1953, Kingston, Jamaica) aka Santic, is a Jamaican reggae record producer. After first working as a car mechanic, he then trained as a photographer and worked for the Gleaner Company. In the early 1970s he began working as a singer with Charles Hannah and The Graduates, and recorded a single for Gussie Clarke, but he realized that he was better suited to production. His early productions between 1973 and 1975 included recordings by Augustus Pablo, who recorded the first single for his Santic record label. In 1975, he relocated to London, England, and became a prominent producer in the lovers rock genre, working with the likes of Carroll Thompson, Jean Adebambo, Trevor Walters, Donna Rhoden, and Lorna Pierre. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Santic Suffering SANTIC SAN 001
77 Joan Henlon See You When I See You SANTIC SAN 002
77 Santic Bloody Eyes SANTIC SAN 003
77 Joan Henlon Feelin That Glow SANTIC SAN 004
77 Not Issued SANTIC SAN 005
77 Joan Henlon Feelin That Glow SANTIC SAN 006
78 Santic No Justice For The Poor SANTIC SAN 006
78 Santic I'll Be Gone (12") SANTIC SAN 1007
79 Trevor Walters Try And Love Again (12") SANTIC SAN 008
79 Marie Matty I Cant Forget About You (12") SANTIC SAN 009
80 Paul Blackman & Augustus Pablo I Don't Wanna Lose You (12") SANTIC SAN 010
80 Carroll Thompson I'm So Sorry (12") SANTIC SAN 011
81 Jean Adebambo Paradise (12") SANTIC SAN 012
81 Not Issued SANTIC SAN 013
81 Carroll Thompson Simply In Love (12") SANTIC SAN 014
81 Lorena Pierre  I Should Know (12") SANTIC SAN 015
81 Donna Rhoden / Santic All Star Be Kind To My Man / Rock Easy (12") SANTIC SAN 016
81 Patricia Smith It Ain't All That Easy (12") SANTIC SAN 017
81 Donna Rhoden / Santic All Star It's True / Love On SANTIC SAN 018
81 Erica Gale Don't Draw The Line (12") SANTIC SAN 019
81 Erica Gale  Stranger In The Night (12") SANTIC SAN 020
81 Legato / Santic All Stars Lately (12") SANTIC SAN 021
82 Erica Gale / Santic All Stars Where Are They Now / Quiet Place (12") SANTIC SAN 022
83 Leonard "Santic" Chin, Natalie Corbet Honey SANTIC SAN 023
75 The Royal Only For A Time  ITAL COXONE SAN 001

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