Samantha Records was a short-lived concern owned by songwriters / producers Chris Arnold, Dave Martin and Geoff Morrow, based at 10, Green St, London W1. Samantha managed at least three records, all by a band called, 'Hush'.  There were two singles, 'Everytime We Say Goodbye' (SAM S-1; 11/72) and 'White Christmas' (SAM S-2; 12/72), and an album, 'Your Favourite Oldies', all of which came out in 1972.  If the single shown above is anything to go by, the music on them consisted of pleasant MOR vocal arrangements of standards. Arnold, Martin and Morrow's 'Ammo' label started up in 1973; it would appear that Samantha was a precursor to it.  See also 'Pentagon'. Distributed By Samantha Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Hush Everytime We Say Goodbye SAMANTHA SAM S 1
72 Hush White Christmas SAMANTHA SAM S 2

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