Independent American label from New York: Salsoul Records name was a combination of Salsa and Soul - was founded in 1974 by three brothers, Joe, Ken and Stanley Cayre.  Hugely successful in the States, it can claim the honour of releasing the first commercially-available 12" single, Double Exposure's, 'Ten Percent'; it was also renowned for the work of remixer Tom Moulton.  In the '80s the Cayre brothers moved on to different things, with the result that Salsoul effectively expired, in 1984.  The label made less of an impression in these islands than it did at home: only three of its singles managed to squeeze into the British Top 75 during the '70s, and none of those got into the Top 40.  Over here Salsoul made its debut as an actual label in November 1976 via a licensing deal with RCA, who were responsible for manufacture and distribution; a few singles had appeared on Epic previous to this.  Catalogue numbers were in an SZ-2000 series, but only selected numbers were used; sometimes, but not always, they were the same as those of the American singles.  A move to EMI, and a change of numbering to SSOL-100, followed in late 1977, marketing being undertaken by EMI's Licensed Record Division for a time.  The basic label design stayed the same, though the colours appear to have got warmer and there were changes in the position of various credits.  As can be seen from the scans of the demo labels, the style of the demos changed from typically RCA to typically EMI. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Carol Williams Rattlesnake (Usa) SALSOUL SZ 2000
75 Floyd Smith & The Salsoul Orchestra I Just Can't Give You Up (Usa) SALSOUL SZ 2001
75 The Salsoul Orchestra Salsoul Hustle (Usa) SALSOUL SZ 2002
75 Tierra Some Kind Of Woman (Usa) SALSOUL SZ 2003
75 The Salsoul Orchestra Tangerine / Salsoul Hustle (Usa) SALSOUL SZ 2004
75 Not Issued SALSOUL SZ 2005
76 Carol Williams More (Usa) SALSOUL SZ 2006
76 The Salsoul Orchestra You're Just The Right Size / Chicago Bus Stop (Ooh, I Love It)  (Usa) SALSOUL SZ 2007
76 Double Exposure Ten Percent / Pick Me (Usa) SALSOUL SZ 2008
76 Moment Of Truth Lovin' You Is Killin' Me (Usa)  SALSOUL SZ 2009
76 First Choice Doctor Love / Gamble On Love (Usa) SALSOUL SZ 2010
76 Salsoul Orchestra Nice 'N' Nasty SALSOUL SZ 2011
76 Double Exposure Just Can't Say Hello / My Love Is Free (Usa) SALSOUL SZ 2012
76 Double Exposure Ten Per Cent SALSOUL SZ 2013
76 Silvetti Spring Rain (Usa) SALSOUL SZ 2014
76 Salsoul Orchestra Little Drummer Boy  SALSOUL SZ 2015
76 Not Issued SALSOUL SZ 2016
77 Salsoul Orchestra Salsoul 3001 SALSOUL SZ 2017
77 Salsoul Orchestra Ritzy Mambo (Usa) SALSOUL SZ 2018
77 Not Issued SALSOUL SZ 2019
77 Mighty Sparrow Carnival Woman  SALSOUL SZ 2020
77 Williams Carol Love Is You SALSOUL SZ 2021
77 Holloway Loleatta Dreamin' SALSOUL SZ 2022
77 Claudja Barry Sweet Dynamite (Usa) SALSOUL SZ 2023
77 Carol Williams Come Back (Usa) SALSOUL SZ 2024
77 Moment Of Truth You Got Me Hummin' SALSOUL SZ 2025
77 Holman Eddie This Could Be The Night SALSOUL SZ 2026
77 Moment Of Truth Lovin' You Is Killin' Me (Usa) SALSOUL SZ 2027
77 The Salsoul Orchestra Magic Bird Of Fire (12") SALSOUL SZ 2028
77 Not Issued SALSOUL SZ 2029
77 Anthony White I Can't Turn You Loose / Block Party (Usa) SALSOUL SZ 2030
77 Carol Williams Come Back (12") SALSOUL SZ 2031
77 Claudja Barry Sweet Dynamite (12") SALSOUL SZ 2032
77 Paul Vincent (3) Super Elton (12") SALSOUL SZ 2033
77 Destroyers (2) Lectric Love / Slave Of Love (Usa) SALSOUL SZ 2034
77 Loleatta Holloway Hit And Run / Worn Out Broken Heart (Usa) SALSOUL SZ 2035
77 Double Exposure My Love Is Free / Every Man (Has To Carry His Own Weight) (Usa)  SALSOUL SZ 2036
77 Salsoul Orchestra Short Shorts SALSOUL SZ 2037
78 Charo  Dance A Little Bit Closer SALSOUL SSOL 101
78 Bunny Sigler  Let Me Party With You SALSOUL SSOL 102
78 White Anthony I Can'T Turn You Lose SALSOUL SSOL 103
78 First Choice Doctor Love SALSOUL SSOL 104
78 Ripple  Beat Goes On And On SALSOUL SSOL 105
78 O.R.S.  Moonboots SALSOUL SSOL 106
78 Metropolis   I Love New York SALSOUL SSOL 107
78 Loleatta Holloway   Hit And Run   SALSOUL SSOL 108
78 Love Committee  Law And Order SALSOUL SSOL 109
78 Charo And The Salsoul   You'Re Just The Right Size   SALSOUL SSOL 110
79 Loleatta Holloway   You Light Up My Life  SALSOUL SSOL 111
79 Metropolis The Greatest Show On Earth SALSOUL SSOL 112
79 Salsoul Orchestra Little Drummer Boy  SALSOUL SSOL 113
79 Instant Funk Got My Mind Made Up SALSOUL SSOL 114
79 First Choice Hold Your Horses SALSOUL SSOL 115
79 Gaz   Sing Sing   SALSOUL SSOL 116
79 Bunny Sigler    By The Way You Dance  SALSOUL SSOL 117
79 Instant Funk   Crying   SALSOUL SSOL 118
79 Skyy  First Time Around  SALSOUL SSOL 119
79 Double Exposure I Got The Hots For Ya / Ten Percent SALSOUL SSOL 120
79 Candido   Dancin' & Prancin'   SALSOUL SSOL 121
80 Skyy High SALSOUL SAL 1
80 Avenue B Boogie Band Bumper To Bumper SALSOUL SAL 2
80 Aurra In The Mood SALSOUL SAL 3
80 Cameron Let'S Get It Off SALSOUL SAL 4
80 Aurra When I Come Home SALSOUL SAL 5
80 Holloway Loleatta Love Sensation SALSOUL SAL 6
80 Bataan Joe Sadie SALSOUL SAL 7
80 Instent Funk Everybody SALSOUL SAL 8
80 Aurra Nasty Disposition SALSOUL SAL 9
80 Cameron Raphael All That'S Good To Me SALSOUL SAL 10
83 Jammers Be Mine Tonight SALSOUL SAL 101
83 Salsoul Orchestra Ooh I Love You SALSOUL SAL 102
83 Weeks & Co Rock Candy SALSOUL SAL 103
84 Surface Falling In Love SALSOUL SAL 104
84 Holloway Loleatta Love Sensation SALSOUL SAL 105
84 Surface When Your Ex Wants You Back SALSOUL SAL 106



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