Saint Andrews University Charity Campaign Records was a DIY label. It managed one single a four-track EP entitled 'A Side Of Fraser Nimmo And Heather Whitock'. It was issued in 1973, had a catalogue number of CC-1, and featured 'Permanently Unanswered', 'A Part Of You', 'The Final Cigarette', and 'Skitzoid Blues'.  The layout of the label suggests that the record was a product of Craighall Studios, of Edinburgh - see also Road, Mayfair and TD.  Fraser Nimmo is still very active on the Folk scene and has made quite a few solo recordings; Heather Whitock went on to perform under the name of Heather Whittaker, and recorded an album called 'Take Her With Heart' for Folk label Dingles (DIN-321; 1984). Fraser Nimmo And Heather Whitock band lineup was Backing Vocals Heather Whitock, Banjo, Dobro Craig Gilbert, Bass Gibby Nimmo
Vocals, Guitar - Fraser Nimmo. Distributed By Saint Andrews University Charity Campaign Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Fraser Nimmo And Heather Whitock A Side Of Nimmo Fraser And Heather Whitock SAINT ANDREWS UNIVERSITY CHARITIES CAMPAIGN CC/1

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