Independent Irish label: Sail Records managed at least ten Records. It issued singles in an SIL-1000 numerical series. Distributed By Sail Records. Sail Records Former Address: 34 abbey Street ,Wexford.

75 The Kinsellas And Their Country Band (feat. Nick & Marty Kinsella)  The Sunny South East / I Heard The Bluebirds Sing SAIL SIL 1001
76 The Kinsellas I Like Beer SAIL SIL 1002
76 The Kinsellas Sweet Kilmore Quay SAIL SIL 1003
76 The Sutherlands  Purple and Gold / Rackard's Heroes SAIL SIL 1004
76 The Kinsellas feat. Nick Kinsella  It's A Christmasy Kind of Christmas  SAIL SIL 1005
76 Marti Mari & The Kinsellas Band  Where Has All The Love Gone  SAIL SIL 1006
76 Not Traced SAIL SIL 1007
76 Not Traced SAIL SIL 1008
76 Not Traced SAIL SIL 1009
76 Argentina Eyes of Love / (Where Has All The) Love Gone  SAIL SIL 1010

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