SAGA Records Ltd. was formed in the 1950s when Major Wilfred Alonzo Banks took over Saga Films Limited (owned by Leonard Cassini). Joe Meek's 'Triumph  label and R.G.M. Sound company were set up with funding from Banks.  SAGA was sold in the 1960's to Marcel Rodd (Allied/ Associated/ Dandy records), and then later released records as Boulevard in the early 70s. Records were first pressed in France, then by EMI, then at Marcel Rodd's pressing plant  using recycled vinyl from the nearby Philips pressing plant. Part of the same group as Saga Holidays, Saga Radio, etc. Subsiduaries include Eros, SagaPan, Pantonic, Saga-Opp. (Former address) Saga Records Ltd 326 Kensal Road London W10

72 Sharon Winters & Liz Whiting By My Side SAGA GA 1101
72 J.S.B. Bach: Air From Suite In D Major SAGA GA 1102
72 Alan Forrest Glory To The Lord SAGA GA 1103

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