The first of two Safari labels in the 1970s.  This one was owned by Reg McLean, and appears to have concentrated upon Reggae and Soul / Dance music.  It used just the one label design, which came in three different colour schemes.  There were also three different series of catalogue numbers used.  Safari's first record, Ward Jensen's, 'Hard Hard Hard', was numbered SFI-100, but after two more issues the series changed to SF-1100 - The Doyley Brothers' 'Scaredycat' can be found as both SFI-102 and SF-1102.  The labels were usually black with gold printing, but on a few issues the gold was replaced by silver.  During that period the company did its own marketing; as yet I haven't managed to pin down the distributors.  Safari signed a licensing agreement with EMI in the summer of 1976, which resulted in a short run of pink labelled records, numbered in the SFR-0s.  McLean briefly managed an early line-up of The Stranglers and recorded three tracks by them in April 1975 for a Safari single, but nothing was issued.  Perhaps one of the numbers missing from the discography below might have been slated for it - SF-1103 or 1104.  He moved on to start the Circle International and Voyage International labels. Distributed By Safari Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Ward Jensen Hard, Hard, Hard SAFARI SFl 100
74 Clinton Grant Travelling & Singing  SAFARI SFl 101
75 Doyley Brothers Scardycat SAFARI SFl 102
75 Doyley Brothers Scardycat SAFARI SF 1102
75 Not Traced SAFARI SF 1103
75 Not Traced SAFARI SF 1104
75 Louisa Mark Caught You In A Lie  SAFARI SF 1105
76 Zabandis  Your Love To Me  SAFARI SF 1106
75 Bryan Clarke What Am I To Do SAFARI SF 1107
76 Nickname James & Brown Destiny SAFARI SF 1108
76 Louisa Mark All My Loving SAFARI SF 1109
76 Not Traced SAFARI SF 1110
76 Gray Jennifer   Kisses, Kisses, Kisses SAFARI SF 1111
76 Matumbi  After Tonight  SAFARI SF 1112
76 Matumbi After Tonight SAFARI SFR 1
76 Doyley Brothers Scardycat SAFARI SFR 2
76 Chatanhoogatin Christmas Reggae SAFARI SFR 3
77 Saffire Lay Your Boogie Down SAFARI SFR 4
77 Julia Williams  Far Flung Stars SAFARI SFR 5

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