Independent label: Sabanoh Sounds Records was one of three labels brought into being by producer Akie Deen, from Sierra Leone, to promote West African music in London, 1976 to 1977.  The other two were Afrodisc and Rokel. Sabanoh Sounds singles were numbered in the SB75-100s; the few examples I have seen listed have all been by Sabanoh 75.  Pressing was by Phonodisc, for injection-moulded items. Distribution was through Jama. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Not Traced   SABANOH SOUNDS SB75 101
76 Sabanoh 75 Sabanoh SABANOH SOUNDS SB75 102
76 Sabanoh 75 Carry On SABANOH SOUNDS SB75 103
77 Sabanoh 75 Arata  SABANOH SOUNDS SB 104
77 Sabanoh 75 Ya Bonda SABANOH SOUNDS SB  105
77 Sabanoh 75 Warn You Pickin' SABANOH SOUNDS SB75 106

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