S. T. Roducts Records was a DIY label. It's only release 'See The Light' by Lynx (SRTS/78/CUS-112; 6/78). I presume it should have been 'S. T. Products', but it says 'Roducts' on the label, so...  The only copy of the single that I found on Google was on sale for 300, which suggests that there must be some demand for it among collectors.  The record was made through custom recording firm SRT, and, as can be seen, the label design was the standard straightforward SRT custom-recording one: logo-free, with just the label's name at the top, in a plain font.  The appearance of the label, with its smooth outer ring and rough inner, suggests that the actual manufacture was carried out by Orlake. Distributed By S. T. Roducts Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Lynx See The Light S. T. RODUCTS SRTS CUS 78112

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