Rundown Records was a DIY label. It was owned by the Ignerents, from Whitstable Formed 1979; their single 'Radio Interference' b/w 'Wrong Place Wrong Time' (ACE-008; 12/79) was its first release. The ACE catalogue number is one of a series used by custom recording concern Ace Recording Studios of Herne Bay; Pressing was by Lyntone, the matrix numbers being LYN-7686 and LYN-7687.  The Ignerents evolved into The Beekeepers, who were responsible for Rundown's second single, 'Platform Five' (ACE-40), in 1981. Rundown Records Former Address 15 Northwood Road Witstable, Kent. Distributed By Rough Trade Records. The Ignerents were formed in 1977 in Whitstable, Kent, by brothers Chris and Steve Harris, joined by neighbour Mark Leighton on guitar, vocalist Kevin Holmes and drummer Stan 'Gretsch' Littlejohn. The band were an important part of the local Kent punk scene in the late 1970s in Kent alongside bands like Wild Billy Childish's, Pop Rivets, The Names, Naughty Thoughts and The Rivals. The band's history has been marred by two tragic deaths: firstly, Stan 'Gretsch' Littlejohn, by now drummer with the Rivals, died in a road accident in 1981 and then in 1994 Chris Harris died in a drowning accident whilst on holiday. The band released the Beekeepers single to celebrate Stan's life and played a final tribute gig to celebrate Chris's life at the Tankerton Arms in Whitstable in 1994 and in 1997 released a CD (Woodbines, Tears and Jealousy) which featured all of the Ignerents' previously released tracks and another ten archive tracks. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Ignerants Radio Interference RUNDOWN ACE 008
81 Beekeepers  Platform Five RUNDOWN ACE 040

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