Independent label: Ruby Records and a member of the Pye family, Ruby was a short-lived label with Middle Of The Road leanings.  It released two singles, Guy Steel's 'Stop The Wedding' (RSS-201) and 'Rose Marie', by comedian Bernard Manning (RSS-202), both of them in January 1976, and then disappeared.  Neither record sold in any great amounts, as both are difficult to find.  The Guy Steel single has an almost-scratched-out matrix number, 'RWS 03??', in the run-off beside the Ruby matrix; singles on the Genie label, which appeared later that year, were numbered in the RWS-0300s, which suggests that there was a link between the two concerns. Distributed By PYE Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Guy Steel Stop The Wedding RUBY RSS 201
76 Bernard Manning Rose Marie RUBY RSS 202

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