Independent Irish label: Ruby Record was started by brother Des and Johnny Kelly, formerly of the Capitol Showband after they quite the band and went into management. They had a roster of country artists which included bands like the Smokeys and Virginians and created the label to release their own product. The RUB 100 Series was active between 1970-73. The label was revived in the late 70s for at least eleven singles in the RUB 200 Series 1977-78. IDB 789 was a Ruby release with Columbia IDB Series number. Distributed By Ruby and EMI Records.

70 Smokey Mountain Ramblers  The Wreck Of Old Number Nine / But You Love Me Daddy  RUBY RUB 101
70 Margo And The Country Folk Gradh Mo Chroi / Mama, Say A Prayer RUBY RUB 102
70 The Virginians Who Cares RUBY RUB 103
70 Maria All The World Is Lonely Now / I'm Little But Loud  RUBY RUB 104
70 The Swallows  Mama Tried / Just Between You And Me  RUBY RUB 105
70 The Raindrops & Chris Grace  Less Of Me / Lonely Town  RUBY RUB 106
70 Johnny & Des Kelly Mary Of The Wild Moor / Kentucky  RUBY RUB 107
70 Smokey Mountain Ramblers 40 Miles From Poplar Bluff RUBY RUB 108
70 Dermot Henry And The Virginians My Lovely Irish Rose RUBY RUB 109
70 Aiden And Joyce Slieve Gallion Braes RUBY RUB 110
70 Jimmy Brewer Just To Satisfy You RUBY RUB 111
70 Smokey Mountain Ramblers Cajun Baby RUBY RUB 112
70 Margo And The Country Folk I'll Forgive And I'll Try To Forget RUBY RUB 113
70 Frankie And The Black Dots The Snakes Crawl At Night RUBY RUB 114
70 Dermot Henry And The Virginians If Those Lips Could Only Speak RUBY RUB 115
70 Farran Folk  Avondale / Rata  RUBY RUB 116
71 The Smokey Mountain Ramblers Just Beyond The Moon RUBY RUB 117
71 The Ruby Singers  The Bowery Grenadiers / Lagan Love  RUBY RUB 118
71 The Raindrops (featuring Dermot Walsh) Knock On My Window / The Mason's Apron  RUBY RUB 119
71 San Antones  When We Went To School Together / Able Bodied Man  RUBY RUB 120
71 Pat Lynch And The Airchords When We Were Young RUBY RUB 121
71 Two's Company Tippy Toein' RUBY RUB 122
71 The John Murphy Bandshow Irish Soldier Boy RUBY RUB 123
71 Terry Mahon The Wild Rapparee RUBY RUB 124
71 Dermot Henry And The Virginians What's The Reason, Daddy RUBY RUB 125
71 The Hoot'nannys Hot Corn, Cold Corn RUBY RUB 126
71 Mick Roche & The Arrows  My Woman, My Woman, My Wife   RUBY RUB 127
71 Cathy & The Fugitives  The Old Fashioned House / Let Him Go Let Him Tarry  RUBY RUB 128
71 Johnny Flynn Showband  Cartello / Lagan Love / Magic Trumpet   RUBY RUB 129
71 George Kaye And The Real Country The Flower Of Sweet Strabane RUBY RUB 130
71 Michael Landers  If I Could Be A Sailor Man / Mr Taxman  RUBY RUB 131
71 The Smokey Mountain Ramblers  15 Years Ago // I Wonder Where You Are  RUBY RUB 132
71 The Capitol Showband Featuring Tony O'Leary We Will Make Love RUBY RUB 133
71 Dermot Henry & The Virginians  Ballyhoe // Don't It Make You Want To Go Home  RUBY RUB 134
71 Eileen Reid (I'm Gonna Be) A Country Girl Again RUBY RUB 135
71 Pat Lynch & Airchords  Three Good Reasons / Here I Stand   RUBY RUB 136
71 The Hoot'nannys  These Hands / Jambalaya  RUBY RUB 137
71 Connie Lee & Wells Fargo  Bad News / Four Leaf Shamrock   RUBY RUB 138
71 Cathy & The Fugitives  Moonlight In Mayo / I'll Remember You Love In My Prayers RUBY RUB 139
71 The Gallowglass Ceili Band Featuring Mandy Together Alone RUBY RUB 140
71 The Hoot'nannys  Nelly Kelly / Please Mr DJ  RUBY RUB 141
71 The Real McCoy Featuring Tina I Don't Know How To Love Him RUBY RUB 142
71 The Smokeys feat. Pat Ely  Kathleen / Happy Street  RUBY RUB 143
71 Michael Landers  Poor Little Orphan Boy / Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep  RUBY RUB 144
71 Mick Roche And The Arrows Let's Fall In Love Again RUBY RUB 145
71 Dermot Henry And The Virginians Daddy What If RUBY RUB 146
71 Fiorenza Vianni-Nolan Blow The Candles Out RUBY RUB 147
71 Pat Lynch And The Airchords I Only Live To Love You RUBY RUB 148
71 Sharon & The Green Forrest  Slaney Valley / Less Of Me  RUBY RUB 149
72 Eileen Reid He's A Pretty Good Man RUBY RUB 150
72 The Smokeys feat. Tony O'Leary  The Pilgrim / Popping Corn  RUBY RUB 151
72 Planxty Three Drunken Maidens RUBY RUB 152
72 Liam Maguire  Jesus Take A Hold / Put Your Hand In The Hand  RUBY RUB 153
72 The Ciaran Kelly New Sound featuring Paschal  Falling In Love / Laurs  RUBY RUB 154
72 Dermot Henry & The Virginians  When The Sunset Turns The Ocean Blue To Gold RUBY RUB 155
72 Pat Lynch & Airchords  This Is My Lovely Day / The Banks Of My Own Lovely Lee   RUBY RUB 156
72 The Dinkees Take me back Mary Lou/The Derry Massacre RUBY RUB 157
72 Martin Codd & The Herdsmen  Irene Goodnight / Time Changes Everyuthing RUBY RUB 158
72 Michael Landers  In Grandma's Rocking Chair / Let the Sun Shine  RUBY RUB 159
72 Terry Shannon  Dear Old Elphin / Lasting Goodbye  RUBY RUB 160
72 Sharon And The Green Forest Country Sunshine RUBY RUB 161
72 Christy O'Connor Ireland United RUBY RUB 162
72 Pat Lynch & The Treetops  Do I Love You / Somebody To Love / Meet Me On The Corner  RUBY RUB 163
72 John Ross  Somewhere In The Crowd / I Get That Feeling  RUBY RUB 164
72 7 Davitts Brothers  Little Nell / Chicken Reel  RUBY RUB 165
71 Ian Corrigan and Country Style  The Old Gang's Gone / Happy Street RUBY IDB 789
77 San Bernadino First Love Is The Sweetest / Showdown  RUBY RUB 201
77 Just Four  Putting the Bad Times Behind Me RUBY RUB 202
77 Country Connection  Kentucky / Gathering The Spuds RUBY RUB 203
77 Pat Tynan & The Sands One More Tear / Mary Go Lightly  RUBY RUB 204
77 The Wellingtons  Teenage Lovin' Time / I Have To Say I Love You In A Song  RUBY RUB 205
77 Tweed Six Days RUBY RUB 206
77 E.C.Angels Punk Rockin' / To-nite's The Nite   RUBY RUB 207
78 Tweed Who Killed Eskimo Joe RUBY RUB 208
78 Mick Roche  My Woman, My Woman, My Wife / Lets Fall In Love Again  RUBY RUB 209
78 San Bernadino No One Else Could Love You / Hurtin' Love   RUBY RUB 210
78 Famous Shamus Big Tom Will Make Me A Star RUBY RUB 211



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