Independent label: RSO Records = Robert Stigwood Organisation - started life in the late '60s as a management and production company, linked to Polydor; it started releasing records on its own label in 1973.  After a quiet start it came into its own in the Disco era: the soundtracks to Grease and Saturday Night Fever sold massively and spawned several hugely successful singles, including two No.1s for John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John and one for the Bee Gees.  The Bee Gees were RSO's most consistently successful act, as far as the Singles Charts were concerned; Eric Clapton also managed to revive his career during his spell with the label.  RSO was absorbed by PolyGram in 1981; the company's momentum failed, and it disappeared from the scene in 1984.   Initially singles were issued in a 2090-100 series in Britain; in 1978 the Polydor family dropped its seven-digit listings, and RSO's was changed to RSO-000, the initial '0' being dropped after RSO-017.  For most of its life the company used injection-moulded labels, in common with the other members of the family. The occasional paper label can be found; presumably these were pressed for Polydor by other companies.  Labels were generally a fawny brown colour which at times drifted towards concrete, though injection moulded ones can be found in other colours such as orange-brown, purple, silver, gold and red. The label design remained the same for most of the 1970s, but a new one was adopted in July 1979.  Distributed By Polydor Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Gibb Andy Shadow Dancing RSO RSO 001
78 Bee Gees Night Fever RSO RSO 002
78 Jones Paul Sheena A Punk Rocker RSO RSO 003
78 Elliman Yvonne Savannah RSO RSO 004
78 Not Traced RSO RSO 005
78 Newton-John Olivia You'Re The One That I Want RSO RSO 006
78 Stewart John Fire In The Wind RSO RSO 007
78 Player This Time I'M Not In It For Love RSO RSO 008
78 Wilkinson Colm C.T. Born To Sing RSO RSO 009
78 Trade Mark Days Of Pearly Spencer RSO RSO 010
78 Nicholas Paul On The Strip RSO RSO 011
78 Valli Frankie Grease RSO RSO 012
78 Not Issued RSO RSO 013
78 California I Can Hear Music RSO RSO 014
78 Gibb Andy An Everlasting Love RSO RSO 015
78 Kipner Steve Love Is It'S Own Reward RSO RSO 016
78 Newton-John Olivia Hopelessly Devoted To You RSO RSO 017
78 Newton-John Olivia Summer Nights RSO RSO 018
78 Gibb Robin Oh Darling RSO RSO 019
78 Player Prisoner Of Your Love RSO RSO 20
78 Clapton Eric Promises RSO RSO 21
78 Gibb Robin Why RSO RSO 22
78 Yvonne Elliman Moment By Moment RSO RSO 23
78 Clapton Eric If I Don'T Get There By Morning RSO RSO 24
78 Bee Gees Too Much Heaven RSO RSO 25
79 Gibb Andy Don'T Throw It All Away RSO RSO 26
79 Bee Gees Tragedy RSO RSO 27
79 Mayfield Curtis This Year RSO RSO 28
79 Nicholas Paul Two Up Two Down RSO RSO 29
79 Clifford Linda Bridge Over Troubled Water RSO RSO 30
79 Bee Gees Love You Inside Out RSO RSO 31
79 Naughton David Makin' It RSO RSO 32
79 Not Traced RSO RSO 33
79 Pace Thom Maybe RSO RSO 34
79 Stewart John Gold RSO RSO 35
79 Rockets Can'T Sleep RSO RSO 36
79 Clifford Linda Don'T Give It Up RSO RSO 37
79 Not Traced RSO RSO 38
79 Monitors Telegram RSO RSO 39
79 Headboys The Shape Of Things To Come RSO RSO 40
79 Sweet Inspirations Love Is On The Way RSO RSO 41
79 Stewart John Midnight Wind RSO RSO 42
79 Mayfield Curtis & Linda Clifford Between You Baby & Me RSO RSO 43
79 Rockets Oh Well RSO RSO 44
79 A K B Stand Up Sit Down RSO RSO 45
79 Elliman Yvonne Love Pains RSO RSO 46
79 Warm Jets Big City Boys RSO RSO 47
79 Headboys Steppin' Stones RSO RSO 49
79 Nicholas Paul Yesterday'S Hero RSO RSO 50
80 Slade Okey Cokey RSO RSO 51
79 Stewart John Runaway Fool Of Love RSO RSO 51
80 Bee Gees Spirits [Having Flown] RSO RSO 52
80 Tunes She'S My Girl RSO RSO 53
80 Macgregor Mary Good Friends RSO RSO 54
80 Gibb Andy Desire RSO RSO 55
80 Headboys Kicking The Kans RSO RSO 56
80 Ruffin Jimmy Hold On To Love RSO RSO 57
80 Fame Georgie Yeah Yeah RSO RSO 58
80 Gibb Andy I Can'T Help It RSO RSO 59
80 Festival Don'T Cry For Me Argentina RSO RSO 60
80 Stewart John Night Man RSO RSO 61
80 King Bees My Mistake RSO RSO 62
80 Not Traced RSO RSO 63
80 Clifford Linda Red Light RSO RSO 64
80 Levy Marcy & Robin Gibb Help Me RSO RSO 65
80 Cara Irene Out Here On My Own RSO RSO 66
80 Wesley Fred & Jb'S Houseparty RSO RSO 67
80 Mayfield Curtis It'S Alright RSO RSO 68
80 Clifford Linda Shoot Your Best Shot RSO RSO 69
81 Ramones I Wanna Be Sedated RSO RSO 70
81 Xtc Take This Town RSO RSO 71
80 Star Wars Choir What Do You Give A Wookie For Christmas RSO RSO 72
80 Gibb Andy Time Is Time RSO RSO 73
81 Clapton Eric I CanīT Stand It RSO RSO 74
81 Clapton Eric Another Ticket RSO RSO 75
81 Nicholas Paul No News RSO RSO 76
81 39 Lyon Street Kites RSO RSO 77
81 Associates A Girl Named Property RSO RSO 78
81 Shot In The Dark Playing With Lightning RSO RSO 79
81 London Billy Woman RSO RSO 80
81 Bee Gees He'S A Liar RSO RSO 81
81 Gibb Robin All I Have To Do Is Dream RSO RSO 82
81 Various Artists Motown Mix (A Tribute To Motown) RSO RSO 83
81 Blue Nile I Love This Life RSO RSO 84
81 Bee Gees Living Eyes RSO RSO 85
81 Not Traced RSO RSO 86
82 Derek And The Dominos Laya RSO RSO 87
82 Clapton Eric I Shot The Sheriff RSO RSO 88
82 Four Tops Back To School Again RSO RSO 89
82 Cara Irene Fame RSO RSO 90
82 Cream Badge RSO RSO 91
82 Not Traced RSO RSO 92
82 Pfeiffer Michelle Cool Rider RSO RSO 93
83 Bee Gees Woman In You RSO RSO 94
83 Stallone Frank Far From Over RSO RSO 95
83 Bee Gees Someone Belonging To Someone RSO RSO 96
83 Faragher Tommy Look Out For Number One RSO RSO 97
84 Clapton Eric Wonderful Tonight RSO RSO 98

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