Royalty Records was a DIY label. And one of those self-financed labels with which the 1970s were speckled.  A single pairing 'Goodbye (From White Horse Inn)' with 'Danny Boy' by Mr. 'X' seems to have been Royalty's only release - the '1975' of the catalogue number, MS-1975, may well reflect the year in which the single was issued instead of being part of a series.  Pressing was by Polydor.  The fare on offer is typical Club / Cabaret stuff, with the accompaniment of organ and (on the 'A' side) drums, but it's delivered with verve.  I suppose that nowadays Mr. 'X' would make a brief appearance on 'Britain's Got Talent' before vanishing; I'm glad that, back in the '70s, he was able to leave a more lasting impression via this single. Distributed By Royalty Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Mr `X` Goodbye (from `White Horse Inn`) ROYALTY MS 1975

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