Independent label: Royal School Of Church Music Records was a charity which works to raise the standard of music in churches.  The RCSM issued LPs and EPs using an 'OLY-100' numerical series which was common to both formats.  Its releases have proven fairly hard to find, but it put out at least two EPs in the 1970s.  They were 'Series 3 Holy Communion' by the Choristers and Students of the College of St. Nicholas, under the direction of choirmaster Colin Yorke (OLY-131; 1973) and the one shown above, 'Series 3 Communion Service' by a choir of students directed by Michael Fleming (OLY-132; 1973).  The first EP didn't have a logo on the label; instead it had the label name in larger letters.  OLYs 129 and 133 were LPs, the latter ('Hymns for Celebration' from Birmingham Cathedral) dating from 1974. During the 1970s the RSCM operated out of Addington Palace, near Croydon. . Distributed By Royal School Of Church Music Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Various Artists The People'S Parish Communion Service Book (Album) ROYAL SCHOOL OF CHURCH MUSIC OLY 129
73 Various Artists Series 3 Holy Communion COUNTERPOINT OLY 131
73 Various Artists Series 3 Communion Service ROYAL SCHOOL OF CHURCH MUSIC OLY 132
74 Various Artists Hymns For Celebration' From Birmingham Cathedral (Album) ROYAL SCHOOL OF CHURCH MUSIC OLY 133

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