Independent label: Rox Records was a Liverpool-based label. Catalogue numbers suggest that Rox issued at least seventeen records; numbering was in a ROX-0 / ROX-000 numerical series, and the first release came out in 1977.  The label seems to have expired in 1981, though apparently there is still a record shop of that name in the city.   Artists on its roster included Punk / New Wave bands the Mutants, Black, and the Heroes, but there were representatives of other genres of music also. At least one Rox single was distributed by Spartan. Distributed By Rox Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Revolver Northern Songs ROX ROX 001
77 Mutants Boss Man ROX ROX 002
78 Heroes Think It Over ROX ROX 003
78 Dutch Elm   You'Re Gone ROX ROX 004
78 Mutants School Teacher ROX ROX 005
78 Martin Dale  Daddy Bear ROX ROX 006
78 Not Issued ROX ROX 007
78 Terry Karl & Crusers Haunted House ROX ROX 008
78 West Virginia One In A Million ROX ROX 009
78 Revolver One And One Is Two ROX ROX 010
79 Ellis Ron Here Comes Summer ROX ROX 011
79 West Virginia My Woman My Woman My Wife ROX ROX 012
80 Not Iussed ROX ROX 013
80 Mallet Cc Rider ROX ROX 014
80 Shattered Dolls Lipstick Killer ROX ROX 015
81 Brennan Lee Shut Yer Gob ROX ROX 016
81 Black Human Features ROX ROX 017

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