Independent label: Route Records was one of the Pye group of labels. It issued at least thirty singles between March 1975 and April 1976, a fair number of which were Soul / Disco records, both licensed, such as Harold Melvin's, 'Get Out' (RT-06; 5/75), and home-produced, such as 'Let's Go Funk', by the Dezro Orchestra (RT-29; 4/76).  There were however a fair number of Pop singles in the Route catalogue, by artists such as Chicory Tip and Dr. Marigold's Prescription. The Dezro Orchestra was the brainchild of producers Des Champ and Roger Easterby, Dr. Marigold's had appeared previously on Champ and Easterby's 'Santa Ponsa' label, and Route started life shortly after Santa Ponsa expired; which all seems to hint at a link between the two labels. Route had a Top 30 hit in 1976, with 'The Flasher', by Mistura (RT-30); The label's design remained basically the same throughout its existence, the only change of note being that around September 1975 the artist and producer credits swapped places.  That may have only been done occasionally, in order to give space for long artist names - by the time RT-30 came out they had swapped back again.  Route Records Former address was Walmar House, 296 Regent St, London W1R 5HD. Distributed By Pye Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Chicory Tip Survivor ROUTE RT 01
75 Shelby Motorbike Girl ROUTE RT 02
75 Gilchrist Guardian In The Sky ROUTE RT 03
75 Graffiti Sweet Eliza ROUTE RT 04
75 Splitz Just For You ROUTE RT 05
75 Melvin Harold & The Bluenotes Get Out ROUTE RT 06
75 Lear Kevin King Snake ROUTE RT 07
75 Darrell Guy Hard Lovin' ROUTE RT 08
75 Dexter Janine I Love Making Love To You ROUTE RT 09
75 Smokey & Fabulous Blades Jerk Baby Jerk ROUTE RT 10
75 Guess Lenis Just Ask Me ROUTE RT 11
75 Bob & Honey Bee If I Ever Needed You ROUTE RT 12
75 Anthony Sheila Livin In Love ROUTE RT 13
75 Sinclair Samantha Oh Boy ROUTE RT 14
75 Shelby If You Ever Change Your Mind ROUTE RT 15
75 Lear Kevin King You Got The Power Of Love ROUTE RT 16
75 Miller Margie Rock And Roll Waltz ROUTE RT 17
75 Crispain St Peters  Carolina ROUTE RT 18
75 Dezro Orchestra Reflections ROUTE RT 19
75 Gee Judy & Classmates Let Me In ROUTE RT 20
75 Dr MarigoldīS Prescripton March Hare ROUTE RT 21
75 Smith Aaron Little Feeling Called Love ROUTE RT 22
75 Bryon Mcnaughton Right From The Sharks Jaws ROUTE RT 23
75 Real Mccoy Twist & Shout ROUTE RT 24
75 Bob & Honey Bee Together Again ROUTE RT 25
75 Waiters L J  If You Ain'T Gettin' Your Thing ROUTE RT 26
75 Brice Trevor Better By Far ROUTE RT 27
76 Hassell Mark Easy Livin' Kinda Lover ROUTE RT 28
76 Dezro Orchestra Let'S Go Funk ROUTE RT 29
76 Mistura The Flasher ROUTE RT 30

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