Roundabout was a small independent concern.  It was based in St. Albans and was dedicated to Christian music.  It issued at least two EPs, including a Various Artists effort entitled ' Excuse Me But...' which came out in 1969 and featured tracks by Nigel Purdy, Malcolm Tyrrell, the Gospel Sound and The Clearways amongst others.  The following year saw the release of 'Only One Way' by The Clearways (GCR-T32; 1970).  The catalogue number of that EP suggests that there ought to be other Roundabouts out there. Steve Kendall, the man behind Roundabout and its (1960s only?) precursor Clementswood later set up the Profile Recording Studio in Wheathampstead, St. Albans, and was responsible for releasing a lot more Christian music on labels such as Capri, Cernlun and most notably Profile Records.  The latter two labels bore a marked family resemblance to Roundabout. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info. Roundabout Recordings Former Address: 213 Hatfield Rd. St. Albans. Herts.

69 Malcolm Tyrrell Malcolm Tyrrell Sings ROUNDABOUT GCR T30
70 Not Issued ROUNDABOUT GCR T31
70 The Clearways Only One Way ROUNDABOUT GCR T32

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