Independent label: Rouge Records was a subsidiary label of music publishing company De Wolfe.  Rouge made several singles available to the public, though whether they were intended for sale commercially or not is open to question. The earliest of them was 'I Am A' b/w 'Very Peculiar Julia' by the Plain Characters (RMS/PC-1; 1977), which was described in one source as 'Prog Punk', whatever that might be.  It is reported that the writers of the tune worked for De Wolfe.  Two years later the band came up with a DIY label, Final Solution Records. Distributed By De Wolfe Records. Plain Characters was a post punk/new wave band active during the late 70s through the early 80s. The group was comprised of Colin Lloyd-Tucker (vocals), Paul Hohnstone (guitar), John Hyde (bass, keyboards) and Tim Broughton (Percussion). They released 3 singles and an LP between the years of 1977-1981. The only other Rouge singles seem to have been numbered in an RMS-1110 and RMS-2222 series; they appear to date from 1978. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Plain Characters I Am A ROUGE RMS/PC 1
78 Soul City Orchestra Hair Of The Dog / Pink Pussy  ROUGE RMS 1110
78 The Electric Banana Do My Stuff / Take Me Home ROUGE RMS 1111
78 Not Traced ROUGE RMS 1112
78 The Simon Park Orchestra Seagull / I See You In The Sunrise ROUGE RMS 1113
78 The Derek Wadsworth Orchestra / Karl Jenkins Orchestra Hydroplane / Black Hawk ROUGE RMS 1114
79 Kristin Flanders And Julia Stovold If There's A Time (From The Musical Night Child) ROUGE RMS 2222

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