Rospel Records was a a one-off label, and one of the Plastic Fantastic family. An EP by Hush featuring 'Lily Ann' and three other tracks was Rospel's only release.  There's no date on the label, 1978, was it's involvement of Plastic Fantastic and Pye, is not improbable.  The catalogue number, PFE-101, indicates the Plastic Fantastic link: labels associated with the company generally had 'PF' as part of their prefixes.  The EP appears to have been a DIY affair: producer Robert Pelosi is thanked on the reverse of the picture sleeve (which is a lavish one, for a home-financed record) and is addressed as 'Dad'.  The music, which is falsetto-voiced Pop / Rock, is a cut above the usual Club / Cabaret fare.  Bass player and lead vocalist Renato Paoli, who wrote two of the tracks, went on to be a director of Hush Music Publishing, of Eastbourne; so that name lived on, if Rospel's didn't.  As the label states, manufacturing was by Pye. Distributed By Rospel Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Hush Lily Ann ROSPEL PFE 101

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