Rosina Records was a DIY label. And a record label of expatriate Northern Ireland singer Eamonn McGirr.  McGirr enjoyed success in Ireland in the mid '60s as part of the Go Lucky Four, scoring a No. 1 hit with 'Up Went Nelson' in 1966.  His own 'Birmingham Sunday' (AMX-5005) appears to have been Rosina's only 7" release - perhaps its only vinyl release, in Britain anyway.  According to his widow Mary, it was issued in the 1970s, at a time when he was living in Salford, in the North of England.  He emigrated to New York, where he ran a popular Irish pub, 'Eamonn's', and broadcast a radio show called 'Proud To Be Irish'.  He also worked tirelessly in support of charities for handicapped children.  He gained national fame in 1996, when, in support of one of those charities, he set a new world record for non-stop singing.  In that same year he put out a USA-only CD on Rosina, 'Different Yet The Same'.  Sadly, he suffered a fall shortly after the singing marathon, and was paralyzed.  He died of complications arising from those injuries, in 2004. To return to the Rosina label: its AMX-5000 numerical series was proper to the Sarnia Record label.  It would seem likely that the series belonged to Alan Martin, who was responsible for producing the recordings: hence the 'AMX' of the prefix.  Sarnia Records Former Address: Garth House, 88 Brooklands Road, Sale, Cheshire. Pressing was by British Homophone. Distributed By Rosina Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Not Traced SARNIA AMX 5001
74 Not Traced SARNIA AMX 5002
74 Not Traced SARNIA AMX 5003
74 Not Traced SARNIA AMX 5004
74 Eamon McGirr Birmingham Sunday ROSINA AMX 5005
75 Johnny Dallas Sings SARNIA AMX 5006
75 Roy Mosley Cupid's Arrow SARNIA AMX 5007
75 The Carl Blackwell Sound Cecilia SARNIA AMX 5008
75 Not Traced SARNIA AMX 5009
76 No Artist Listed A Night Of Jolly Merriment Part 1 SARNIA AMX 5010

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