Independent label: Rosemount Music Records Apparently a custom recording label.  Catalogue numbers suggest that Rosemount Music was reponsible for at least three records. First out of the blocks was an EP by Folk/ Pop band Tapestry, containing 'Oh Mountain', 'Till We Meet' and 'Fire And Rain'.  Its catalogue number was ROS/EP-1, and it was issued in 1973.  The following year saw the advent of another three-track EP, this time by Bobby Jones.  Songs on that record were 'Beautiful Sunday', 'If I Were A Carpenter' and 'Ebony Eyes', which suggests Club / Cabaret fare; it was numbered ROS/EP-3. Distributed By Rosemount Music Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Tapestry Oh Mountain ROSEMOUNT MUSIC ROS EP 1
73 Tony Hughes Country Roads ROSEMOUNT MUSIC ROS EP 2
73 Bobby Jones Beautiful Sunday ROSEMOUNT MUSIC ROS EP 3

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