Independent Irish label: Ros Records was a Short-lived label from 1973-74. The first two singles are mono issues. It managed at least nine singles. It issued singles in an ROS-1200 numerical series. Distributed By Ros Records.

73 Spud  Blubber's Mother / Kitty Lie Over  ROS ROS 1201
73 Tony Malone  The Dashing Milkman / Spancill Hill  ROS ROS 1202
73 Not Traced ROS ROS 1203
74 Kevin Farrell Tribute O Michael O'Hehir ROS ROS 1204
74 Kevin Neill The Harry Lime Theme  ROS ROS 1205
74 The Bards The Gypsy Maiden ROS ROS 1206
74 Not Traced ROS ROS 1207
74 Eithne Dunne Dear Madame ROS ROS 1208
74 Kinsella Country King Of The World  ROS ROS 1209

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