Independent label: Rook Records was a custom recording label from Stourport On Severn. It managed at least five singles, an EP, 'Back To Back', by Colin Fidoe and Philip Barton (RMR-1001). It came out in 1979 and it was pressed in France, as records on quite a number of small labels were at that time.  RMR-1002 was an LP by Past And Present, 'First Time Out', which also dates from 1979; it was made through SRT and had a matrix number of SRTS/79/CUS-423. There may not have been an RMR-1003. Colin Fidoe is currently (2007) living in Coseley and is working with Country band Easy-Rider and the Everly Brothers tribute band The Everlys Experience. JAW 1935 was a Joint Ellie Jay - EJSP9332 - and Lyntone - LYN 7719 / LYN 7720 - pressing. Distributed By Rook Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Fidoe Colin & Philip Barton Back To Back ROOK RMR 1001
79 Past And Present First Time Out (Album) ROOK RMR 1002
80 The Woodberries Take My Hand ROOK JAW 1935
80 Bobby King Every Road Leads Back To You ROOK JAW 1936
80 The Singles Fools Gold ROOK AVR 958

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