Independent label: Ronco Records was a division of Telstar Records, a telemarketing label created by Ron Popeil (mastermind behind sold-on-TV products like the Pocket Fisherman and Mr. Microphone). Ronco appears to have been basically one of those TV-advertised-Greatest-Hits labels which sprang into life in the late '70s. It Closed in 1984 when parent company Ronco Teleproducts, Inc. filed for bankruptcy and was subsequently liquidated by creditors.  Ronco specialized in LPs, but it released at least one single: the Richmond String Orchestra's version of, 'Boots And Saddles' (RTS-2001; 5/'76).  Despite its gunshots and its generally jaunty air the single seems to have sunk without trace.  The 'B' side, 'The Swing Era', was by the Mike Sammes Singers.  Distribution was by Pye.  Three years earlier the company had put out another 7" record: a various artists EP of songs from the film, 'That'll Be The Day', featuring A1 Billy Fury Long Live Rock, A2 Wishfull Thinking It'll Be Me, B1 Billy Fury A Thousand Stars, B2 Eugene Wallace Slow Down. (MREP-001; 1973). Ronco Teleproducts (UK) Ltd. Former Address: 111 Mortlake Road Kew Richmond Surrey. And 299, Oxford Street, London, W1A 4YQ. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Richmond String Orchestra Boots And Saddles RONCO RTS 2001
73 Various Artists Long Live Rock RONCO MR EP 001

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