Independent label: Rolling Stone Records was the Rolling Stones' own label; it was set up in 1971, with Marshall Chess as label manager and Atlantic as distributor in the USA; the idea was for it to feature and develop new talent discovered by the Stones, but that never really happened.  Apart from a few things by Peter Tosh and a group called Kracker, the label's output consisted of records by the Rolling Stones as individuals and as a group.  In Britain the label was handled by Kinney / WEA in the early '70s; manufacture was by CBS, as WEA did not have its own pressing facilities at that time.  The first single appears to have been distributed by Kinney for a brief period before that company entered into a joint distribution / manufacture deal with CBS, in the middle of 1971.  When WEA set up its own distribution network, in early 1976, the Rolling Stones label went with it.  EMI took over both manufacture and distribution from the spring of 1977; the label design remained basically the same but the style and placement of the credits changed and the logo gained a few touches of white.  Singles had their own RS-19100 catalogue numbers during the Kinney / WEA period; during the EMI years they initially shared EMI's singles series before being given an RSR-100 series of their own.  The company continued on to 1991; it never had its name on its label, the 'lips' logo being reckoned sufficient identification. Many of the gaps in the discography are due to the numbers being used for overseas releases. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Not Traced ROLLING STONE RSR 101
79 Keith Richards Run Rudolph Run ROLLING STONE RSR 102
79 Peter Tosh I Am The Toughest ROLLING STONE RSR 103
79 Peter Tosh Buk-In-Hamm Palace ROLLING STONE RSR 104
80 Rolling Stones Emotional Rescue ROLLING STONE RSR 105
80 Rolling Stones She'S So Cold ROLLING STONE RSR 106
81 Peter Tosh Nothing But Love ROLLING STONE RSR 107
81 Rolling Stones Start Me Up ROLLING STONE RSR 108
81 Rolling Stones Waiting For A Friend ROLLING STONE RSR 109
82 Rolling Stones Going To A Go-Go ROLLING STONE RSR 110
82 Rolling Stones Time Is On My Side ROLLING STONE RSR 111
83 Rolling Stones Let'S Sped The Night Together ROLLING STONE RSR 112
83 Rolling Stones Undercover Of The Night ROLLING STONE RSR 113
84 Rolling Stones She Was Hot ROLLING STONE  RSR 114
78 Rolling Stones Miss You ROLLING STONE  EMI 2802
78 Peter Tosh You Gotta Walk DonīT Look Back ROLLING STONE  EMI 2859
78 Rolling Stones Respectable ROLLING STONE  EMI 2861
71 Rolling Stones Brown Sugar ROLLING STONE RS 19100
71 Rolling Stones Wild Horses / Sway (USA) ROLLING STONE RS 19101
71 Rolling Stones Let It Rock (Germany) ROLLING STONE RS 19102
72 Rolling Stones Tumbling Dice ROLLING STONE RS 19103
72 Rolling Stones Happy (USA) ROLLING STONE RS 19104
73 Rolling Stones Angie ROLLING STONE RS 19105
73 Kracker Song For Polly ROLLING STONE RS 19106
73 Rolling Stones Brown Sugar // Happy / Rocks Off ATLANTIC K 19107
73 Rolling Stones Star Star / Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) (France) ROLLING STONE RS 19108
73 Rolling Stones Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) / Dancing With Mr. D. ROLLING STONE RS 19109
73 Not Traced ROLLING STONE RS 19110
73 Bill Wyman I Wanna Get Me A Gun / White Lightnin' (France) ROLLING STONE RS 19111
74 Bill Wyman Monkey Grip Glue / What a Blow  ROLLING STONE RS 19112
74 Bill Wyman Monkey Grip Glue / White Lightnin' (Italy) ROLLING STONE RS 19113
74 Rolling Stones It'S Only Rock And Roll ROLLING STONE RS 19114
74 Bill Wyman White Lightnin' ROLLING STONE RS 19115
75 Rolling Stones Ain't Too Proud To Beg / Dance Little Sister (France) ROLLING STONE RS 19116
75 Bill Wyman If You Wanna Be Happy / Apache Woman(France) ROLLING STONE RS 19117
75 Bill Wyman Apache Woman / A Quarter To Three (Germany) ROLLING STONE RS 19118
76 Bill Wyman A Quarter to Three / Soul Satisfying  ROLLING STONE RS 19119
76 Not Traced   ROLLING STONE RS 19120
76 Rolling Stones Fool To Cry ROLLING STONE RS 19121
72 The Rolling Stones Excerpts From 'Exile On Main Street' (All Down The Line) ROLLING STONE SAM 3
72 The Rolling Stones Excerpts From 'Exile On Main Street' (Happy) ROLLING STONE SAM 4

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