Independent label: Rollercoaster Records was a long-lived organization specializing in rare and obscure Rock 'n' Roll, Rollercoaster - the name is split on the labels but not the sleeves - started issuing records on its own label in 1978; which is still producing 7" vinyl records today (2014), and most of its old singles and EPs are still available.  The company's singles seem to have used three separate numbering series: RRC-2000, SR-700 and, in 1981, PFE-000.  Roller Coaster is still carrying out a flourishing mail-order business from its base in Chalfont, Gloucestershire. 'Jukebox Rock 'n' Roll', by Ray Coleman (RRC-2000), was distributed by CRD when it came out in February 1978.  By July 1979 Rollercoaster records were being handled by Pinnacle. Distributed By Rollercoaster Records. Rollercoaster Records Ltd Rock House, London Road St Marys, Stroud Gloucestershire, GL6 8PU. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Coleman Ray Jukebox Rock 'N' Roll ROLLERCOASTER RRC 2000
79 Crickets Cruise In It ROLLERCOASTER RRC 2001
79 Carroll Johnny & Blue Caps Black Leather Rebel ROLLERCOASTER RRC 2002
79 Echo Valley Boys Wash Machine Boogie ROLLERCOASTER RRC 2003
80 Haley Bill & Comets Rock The Joint ROLLERCOASTER RRC 2004
80 Fleming George I'M Gonna Tell ROLLERCOASTER RRC 2005
80 Gunter Hardrock Jukebox Help Me Find Love ROLLERCOASTER RRC 2006
88 Crickets Your M-M-Memory ROLLERCOASTER RRC 2007
91 Mike Berry & The Outlaws Fool's Paradise ROLLERCOASTER RRC 2008
92 Bobby Vee And The Crickets Buddy Holly Medley ROLLERCOASTER RRC 2009
2004 Mickey Lee Lane The Zoo/ The Senior Class ROLLERCOASTER RRC 2010
2015 Buddy Holly And The Crickets Peggy Sue Got Married ROLLERCOASTER RRC 2011
79 Crickets Million Doller Movie ROLLERCOASTER RRCEP 001
80 Crickets Million Doller Movie ROLLERCOASTER RCEP 101
80 Haley Bill & Comets Real Rock Drive ROLLERCOASTER RCEP 102
86 Peek Paul Rock-A-Round ROLLERCOASTER RCEP 103
87 Holly Buddy Good Rockin' Tonight ROLLERCOASTER RCEP 104
88 Downing Big Al Down On The Farm ROLLERCOASTER RCEP 105
88 Echo Valley Boys Hillbilly Rock ROLLERCOASTER RCEP 106
89 Powers Johnny Long Blond Hair ROLLERCOASTER RCEP 107
89 Goodson Hal Who'S Gonna Be ROLLERCOASTER RCEP 108
90 Berry Mike Tribute To Buddy Holly ROLLERCOASTER RCEP 109
90 Leroy & Gerldine The Way I Walk ROLLERCOASTER RCEP 110
90 Scott Jack Rocks ROLLERCOASTER RCEP 111
90 Crickets Back Home In Tennessee ROLLERCOASTER RCEP 112
93 Nancy Whiskey And The Chas Mcdevitt Skiffle Group Nancy And Chas ROLLERCOASTER RCEP 113
93 Heinz Tribute To Eddie ROLLERCOASTER RCEP 114
93 Various  Shakin' Swansations Ep ROLLERCOASTER RCEP 115
93 Link Wray And His Ray Men Mr. Guitar  ROLLERCOASTER RCEP 116
95 Roy Orbison & The Teen Kings  Go! Go! Go! Ep ROLLERCOASTER RCEP 117
95 Hardrock Gunter  We'Re Gonna Rock'N'Roll Ep ROLLERCOASTER RCEP 118
95 Link Wray & His Ray Men  Link Wray Sings Ep ROLLERCOASTER RCEP 119
95 Mickey Lee Lane Rock The Bop! / Don'T Drop Out ROLLERCOASTER RCEP 120
95 Various Rockin’ The Jukebox Ep ROLLERCOASTER RCEP 121
97 Ray Bush & Avon Cities Skiffle  Skiffle Session Ep ROLLERCOASTER RCEP 122
98 Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps/Bob Kelly  Hey Mama! Ep ROLLERCOASTER RCEP 123
99 Groovey Joe Poovey Move 'N' Groove ROLLERCOASTER RCEP 124
99 Gary Tollett With The Crickets  Go Boy Go! Ep ROLLERCOASTER RCEP 125
99 Johnny Dollar Action Packed ROLLERCOASTER RCEP 126
99 Gene Summers School Of Rock 'n' Roll ROLLERCOASTER RCEP 127
99 Sherry Davis  Just A Little Bit Ep ROLLERCOASTER RCEP 128
99 Marvin Rainwater  A Whole Lotta Marvin Ep ROLLERCOASTER RCEP 129
2000 Carl Perkins  Live At The Big ‘D’ Jamboree Ep ROLLERCOASTER RCEP 130
2000 Not Issued ROLLERCOASTER RCEP 131
2000 Vince Eager & Vagabonds Money Honey! Ep ROLLERCOASTER RCEP 132
2000 Larry Donn Honey Bun ROLLERCOASTER RCEP 133
2011 Charlie Philips  Sugartime ROLLERCOASTER RCEP 134
2014 Peanuts Wilson  Cast Iron Hits! Ep ROLLERCOASTER RCEP 135

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