Rollerball Records was a DIY label. It issued at least two singles, both featuring Hastings band The Hollywood Killers: 'Hot Hazy Days' b/w 'Unknown Person' (ROLL-1 / R-101; 12/76), which was credited to Jim Penfold And The Hollywood Killers', and 'Goodbye Suicide' b/w 'Tramp' (ROLL-2; 7/78).  As can be seen from the picture the labels of both were of a typical plain SRT DIY design; the first was coloured black with silver printing.  Distribution was by Royal Oak. In the '80s Penfold went on to record for EMI under the name of 'The Speedos' and for Creole with a re-formed Hollywood Killers. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Hollywood Killers Hot Hazy Days ROLLERBALL ROLL 1
76 Hollywood Killers Goodbye Suicide ROLLERBALL ROLL 2

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