Independent label: Rok Records was an offshoot of Punk label The Label, Rok Records is credited with issuing the first Mod 'revival' single, Squire's 'Get Ready To Go' (ROK-I; 3/79); it released a handful of other singles as well, including one by expatriate Swedish NWOBHM outfit the E. F. Band, and a Various Artists LP, 'Odd Bods Mods and Sods'.  Unusually, Rok gave different catalogue numbers to the 'A' and 'B' sides of its singles, perhaps because all of them were split between different groups.  Again unusually, the catalogues were in Roman numerals.  In the discography below, ROK-I and ROK-II are two sides of the same single, as are III and IV, V and IV, and so on. Distributed By The Label Records. Squire was formed in Guildford not long after JAM as a covers band consisting of Enzo Esposito (vocals/bass), Steve Baker (guitar) and Ross Di'Landa (drums). Just Frank was a Power pop band from Yorkshire. Bass player Steve Smith became a founding member of Red Lorry Yellow Lorry in 1981. Band Members: Andy Healey, Pete Morton, Steve Smith. Urban Disturbance Band Members Barry 'Baz' Silvester (vocals/guitar) Steve Carvey (drums) Tone Control (guitar/vocals) Jonny Stephens aka Walter Malone (bass). Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Squire / Coming Shortly Get Ready To Go / Doing The Flail ROK ROK I-II
79 Just Frank / Split Screens You / Just Don't Cry  ROK ROK III-IV
79 V.I.P's / Urban Disturbance Just Can't Let You Go / Wild Boys In Cortina's ROK ROK V-VI
79 The Clerks / Hazard No Good For Me / Gotta Change My Life  ROK ROK VII/VIII
79 Blue Movies / The Noise Mary Jane / Criminal ROK ROK IX/X
79 Synchromesh / E.F. Band October Friday / Another Day Gone ROK ROK XI/XII
79 X-E-Cutors / X-Films Too Far To Look Inside My Head / After My Blood ROK ROK Xlll/XlV
79 Zeros / Action Replay What's Wrong With Pop Group / Decisions  ROK ROK XV/XVl
80 Innocent Bystanders / Debutantes Where Is Johnny / The Man In The Street ROK ROK XVII/XVIII
80 Justin Case / Straight Up T. V. / One Out All Out ROK ROK XIX/XX

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