Independent label: Rockfield Records was a label of the world-renowned Rockfield Studios, of Montgomery, Gwent, owned by Kingsley and Charles Ward.  Best known for quality of the artists who have recorded there - Queen, Paul Weller, Oasis, etc - Rockfield had its own record label in the mid 1970s.  Its first two singles, both by Dave Edmunds, went Top 10 in 1973; after this encouraging start, things got quieter.  A switch from RCA to United Artists in the second half of 1975 failed to improve matters, and by 1978 Rockfield had gone back to concentrating on what they did best: recording groups for other labels. RCA-era singles had their own ROC-0 numbering series; after the move to UA, Rockfield singles shared a UP-36000 series with those of the host company.  Early UA releases had a small 'ROCKFIELD' logo under the main UA one; fromUP-36188 onwards the UA logo moved and the Rockfield one got bigger.  In the RCA days the label appears to have had a short-lived subsidiary, Maypole. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Edmunds Dave Baby I Love You ROCKFIELD  ROC 1
73 Edmunds Dave Born To Be With You ROCKFIELD  ROC 2
73 Dunton Pete TakinīTim ROCKFIELD  ROC 3
74 Edmunds Dave Need A Shot Of Rhythn And Blues ROCKFIELD  ROC 4
74 Rockfield Chorale Evensong ROCKFIELD  ROC 5
75 Edmunds Dave I Ain'T Never ROCKFIELD  ROC 6
75 Bedford Chuck Ray Of Sunshine ROCKFIELD  ROC 7
76 Pennies Juliet ROCKFIELD  UP 36068
76 Bryn Yemm Wasted Days And Wasted Nights ROCKFIELD  UP 36071
76 Shakane Jenny ROCKFIELD  UP 36087
76 Ray Martinez Ray Of Sunshine ROCKFIELD  UP 36088
76 The Pennies Iko Iko ROCKFIELD  UP 36100
76 Memphis Bend Ubangi Stomp ROCKFIELD  UP 36132
76 Gray Al Sweetest Thing ROCKFIELD  UP 36139
76 Alkatraz Nito Bendito ROCKFIELD  UP 36188
77 Airwaves So Hard Living Without You ROCKFIELD  UP 36229
77 Alkatraz Red Lights ROCKFIELD  UP 26232
77 Bryn Yemm Jubilee Party ROCKFIELD  UP 36252
77 Airwaves Love Stop ROCKFIELD  UP 36267
77 Randy & U Turns 99 Octane Girl ROCKFIELD  UP 36286
77 Allen Frankie & Emeralds Reggae Dancing ROCKFIELD  UP 36309
77 Airwaves Nobody Is ROCKFIELD  UP 36319
77 Allen Frankie  Just A Country Boy ROCKFIELD  UP 36337

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