Independent Reggae label: Rockers Records was formed by Producer and multi-instrumentalist Mike Dorane, he ran two short-lived subsidiaries of Island Records: Rockers, which issued Reggae records, and Movers, which concentrated on Soul and Disco Music.   Both labels seem to have debuted in 1976 and disappeared shortly afterwards.  Neither made any impact on the British Charts, and neither is commonly met with nowadays.  Rockers managed at least six singles, in an RRS-0 numerical series; numbers reached RRS-9 but several seem not to have been used. . Distributed By Island Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Fitzroy Henry Can'T Take My Eyes Off Yoy ROCKERS RRS 1
76 Carol Williams You Gotta Save All Your Love ROCKERS RRS 2
76 Mike Dorane Stop In The Name Of Love ROCKERS RRS 3
76 Sheba Look At The Boy ROCKERS RRS 4
76 Not Traced ROCKERS RRS 5
76 Big Roy In The Desert ROCKERS RRS 6
76 Aston Gayle Believe Me ROCKERS RRS 7
76 Not Traced ROCKERS RRS 8
76 Mike Dorane I Never Knew ROCKERS RRS 9

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