Independent label: Rockburgh Records was owned by Sandy Roberton.  It operated between 1978 and 1981, and issued a number of interesting items by artists as varied as singer/songwriter Ian Matthews, Irish Folk-Rockers the Woods Band, and Dutch Prog group Finch.   Despite the undoubted quality of Rockburgh's releases, none of them entered the Charts.  Distribution was initially by Charmdale, with the label ending up with Polydor / Phonodisc for marketing and distribution in the Spring of 1979.  Only singles by Ian Matthews appear to have been actually pressed by Phonodisc from that point, which makes me wonder if he was the sole Rockburgh artist whose records were licensed to Polydor - his singles from March 1979 onwards had green or silver injection moulded labels with the Polydor logo on them.  Paper labels seem to have been the norm; looks to have been pressed by the independent manufacturer Sound News Productions.  To complicate matters further, the singles don't seem to have been issued strictly in catalogue number order. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Woods Gay & Terry I'Ve A Lady ROCKBURGH ROCS 201
78 Woods Gay & Terry We Can Work This Out ROCKBURGH ROCS 202
78 Revolver Silently Screaming ROCKBURGH ROCS 203
78 Unissued ROCKBURGH ROCS 204
78 Beaver Break Down And Cry ROCKBURGH ROCS 205
78 Ian Matthews Man In The Station ROCKBURGH ROCS 206
79 Ian Matthews Gimme An Inch Girl ROCKBURGH ROCS 207
79 Ian Matthews King Of The Night ROCKBURGH ROCS 208
79 Ian Matthews Shake It (Ep) ROCKBURGH ROCS 209
79 Ian Matthews Shake It ROCKBURGH ROCS 210
79 Beaver  What Am I Gonna Do ROCKBURGH ROCS 211
79 Orient Express Drive My Car ROCKBURGH ROCS 212
79 Ian Matthews Heat Wave ROCKBURGH ROCS 213
79 Ian Matthews You Don'T See Me ROCKBURGH ROCS 214
79 Roc  Princess  ROCKBURGH ROCS 215
80 Soon You'Ll Be Gone Show Ya Fun ROCKBURGH ROCS 216
80 Unissued ROCKBURGH ROCS 217
80 Ian Matthews Crying In The Night ROCKBURGH ROCS 218
80 Jo Jo Zep And The Falcons Security ROCKBURGH ROCS 219
80 Johnson Wilko Down By The Waterside ROCKBURGH ROCS 220
80 Matthews Ian Da-Do-Ron-Ron ROCKBURGH ROCS 221
80 Expelaires Sympathy ROCKBURGH ROCS 222
80 Shake Appeal My Own Way ROCKBURGH ROCS 223
80 Wilson Ada Head In The Clouds ROCKBURGH ROCS 224
80 Radio 5 Three Colours ROCKBURGH ROCS 225
80 Ian Matthews Da Doo Ron Ron ROCKBURGH ROCS 226
80 Fowler Chuck Band Mystery Train ROCKBURGH ROCS 227
80 Wynder K Frentic ROCKBURGH ROCS 228
80 Ian Matthews She May Call You Up Tonight ROCKBURGH 2059 255

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